Are you that type of person who spends all time looking for a new place to go but end up going back to the same old (safe) place cuz you just can't take any disappointments. Me too. Food places to be exact, I'm pretty much the definition of dilemma. BUT THIS DILEMMA HAS TO GO. I miss exploring new places, and I'm glad that theres so many gems in KL yet to be explore.

Like my new recent fav brunch place - @chocha.foodstore located in Chinatown, serves asian-chinese food and amazing teas. Not forget to mention their coffee bar @addicted_now run by my artsy friend Enzo that offers good coffee! This place used to be some old dodgy hotel and I love how they kept the essence there. The selections of cups & plates, lights and furniture goes really well with the theme. They're not only serving good food but also very Instagram/snapchat worthy.

Been there twice in a week, once on a Sunday and once on Merdeka holiday, both pack as expected so maybe you shall try going on a weekday if you don't want a long queue ( no promises tho! ). Chocha food store is not completely done yet, they have bar on level 2 hasn't open yet! More reasons to go back.

Ulam Barley Rice with Salted Egg Squid. My fav I can say cuz I a fan of pesto! 

Cincalok fried chicken w salsa ( left ) Biang Biang Inspired Noodle ( right )

Congrats to @enzo_cy for the amazing coffee bar that makes Chocha even better!

Chocha Foodstore 
Add : 156, Petaling Street, Kuala Lumpur. 
Hours : Tues-Sun, 11am-9pm.