1. Minimise full size items.
I've used to bring full size items like skincare products or hair products because I was so insecure without them but they take up so much space! ( not to mention they are super heavy too. )
So here's a few ways :
- invest in travel packs, brands like Kiehl's have the best travel packs.
- Save your skincare samples whenever you get one and bring them while you travel.
- make your own travel packs! My favourite way is by using contact lens case to fill my skincare. (I have tons of them cuz I wear contact lens but you can also buy them cuz it's super cheap!)
-  invest in travel kits that offer different sizes of bottles. You can get them in Muji or Daiso. I personally prefer Muji cuz their quality is better? It's slightly more expensive but I think if you're a frequent traveler, it's worth to invest.

2. Learn how to use Google map!
I used to plan all the places that I wanted to go and save it in my Google map. After saving all the places, I'll plan on which area to go so I won't miss anything. To be honest, most of them are food places lolol.

(here's my Tokyo map. Those stars are the places that I’ve saved and it's easier to plan on routes.)
Best thing about it is that it gives info on their opening hours and also routes on how to get there.

3. Portable Wifi services.
Depends on the country and the group of people you're travelling with. Some telco offers good deals for unlimited wifi services abroad but if you're travelling in a group (2 - 5 persons) I guess it's best to pre-book a portable wifi device to share as it is way cheaper. Like the one I always use, Wiyo, offers good deals for wifi in various countries.

4. Plan your outfits.
Sometimes we just over pack our clothes. Especially if we go to cold places, sweaters are so bulky they take up so much spaces. Learn how to wear in layers. I usually pack bottoms that can match with every tops. If I'm travelling for 10 days, I'll bring 10 thin tops, maybe 3-4 bottoms and 2-3 outer wear (if I were to visit cold places). Black & denims are the best to match with. Of course, fold your outfit as neat as possible (or roll them) else it'll take up spaces if you don't keep them tidy.

5. Grab Car to Airport!
I travel so often that sometimes no one is free to fetch me to the airport lol. I mean I wouldn't want to bother someone, so I try to get to the airport by myself. Driving myself there will be out of the questions because the parking can be really expensive; KLIA Express is a good alternative but sometimes I’ve got more than 1 luggage and lugging them by myself would be challenge (they are quite heavy at times). Taxi is the next best solution but then you know how expensive taxi fares are, especially when some of them doesn’t even follow the meter.

BUT WORRY NO MORE! Because Grab Car has started offering a flat rate of RM65 to or from airport! Trust me, it's the cheapest option you can ever get and it’s easy to book them! Not to mention that they are reliable too by making it right to your door step within 15 to 20 minutes (depending on range). I’ve had really good experience with Grab Car; ranging from their comfort level, driving, navigation and also the help that they normally give me with my luggage definitely was a big plus point. Oh and the best part is that ever since they have introduced their pay by credit card option, I no longer need to worry that I carry enough cash that I won’t be able to go home haha.

You can download grab on your android or IOS here:
Android: https://play.google.com/store/apps/details?id=com.grabtaxi.passenger&hl=en

So there you go with all my pre-travel tips. Let me know if have your own travel hack that you can share hehe.