JBAD Beauty Tag? ( travel edition. )

Friday, September 21, 2018

All four of us had to share one room for the first time during #nyfw and thank god the room was spacious enough. The toilet was a good size to fit all of our stuff. I was looking at the products they brought and I find it super cute that we all had our own tiny private zone for our stuff.

Anyway, I decided to do a beauty tag ( travel edition ) for fun! 


How do you pack your travel beauty essentials :
I usually bring travel size products. I’m pretty certain about the amount I’ll be using after travelling so often. 

Can’t travel without : 
La Mer soft creme ( for dry places ), Banila Co. Hello Sunny sunblock, facial mask.

Fav fragrance to travel with  :
Tom Ford Soleil Balanc 

Cushion or foundation? :

Get ready song :
Paramore - Ain’t it fun 

Who’s the fastest & the slowest to get ready ? :
I’m the fastest I guess and Ashley is the slowest cuz she's always the last one to get ready. 


How do you pack your travel beauty essentials : 
Travel size, I don't like to waste lugage space

Can’t travel without : 
Powerbank, make up remover, face wash

Fav fragrance to travel with  : 
Tom Ford White Suede

Cushion or foundation? : 

Get ready song : 
Travis Scott - Astroworld

Who’s the fastest & the slowest to get ready ? :
Fatest : Jane, Slowest : Me

How do you pack your travel beauty essentials : 
I'll pack some full size some travel size cuz I'm insecure. I have to bring extra. 

Can’t travel without : 
Bobbi Brown Lipstick, La Mer Moisturizer, Face oil.

Fav fragrance to travel with  : 
Diptyque Florabellio

Cushion or foundation? : 

Get ready song : 
Drake - God's Plan 

Who’s the fastest & the slowest to get ready ? :
No idea man we are at the same speed lol. Ash the fastest cuz her hair short

How do you pack your travel beauty essentials : 
Full size that why I need a big luggage.

Can’t travel without :
Face wash, Toner and Moisturizer 

Fav fragrance to travel with  :
Diptyque Doson 

Cushion or foundation? : 
YSL hour foundation

Get ready song :

Who’s the fastest & the slowest to get ready ? : : 
fastest is me, slowest probably jane.

Let me know if you guys like to do more tags about JBAD!

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Beauty Tech

Friday, September 14, 2018

Ever feel amazed and curious the same time on how technology has invaded the beauty industry?

I was so happy when I got an email from FOREO to try out some of their products. Fyi, FOREO is a Swedish beauty brand that is famous for their facial cleansing devices. You probably seen them in celebrities and beauty youtubers/influencers beauty routines. And I totally understand what is all the rave about.

I’ve picked few of the products to try on, and they became my daily routine since then!

My travel essentials 

Firstly, the LUNA play plus. click here

FOREO has a few series for their cleansing devices. The main reason why I’ve picked the LUNA play plus is the size and non-chargeable feature. I’m always travelling and it fits perfectly in my travel pouches. Even though it’s not chargeable, the battery is replaceable after 400 uses. 

It’s a deep cleansing device yet it is super gentle to the skin. The pulses works like a massaging tool, good for de- puffing! Their silicon bristles feels super comfortable on the skin and I use them with my favourite cleansers :

1. Fresh Soy Cleaner
2. Kora Organics Cream Cleanser
3. Kiehl’s Calendula Deep Cleansing Foaming Face Wash

Next up, The FOREO UFO Smart Mask Treatment. click here

I remember seeing it in Sephora click here and I was super curious on how it works. Basically, you have to use it with one of the UFO- Activated masks that targets your skin problems, like H20 Overdose, or Glow Addict. You can use it with and without the app. But it’s easier to use it with the app for first timers

Best thing about the UFO, it takes only 90 secs per session. Unlike the usual sheet masks that requires 10-15 minutes. Basically it will heat up and activate as thermo therapy on the first few minutes, then comes the pulses to boost absorption. Ending with cryotherapy mode to diminish pores and reduce blemishes. A total different mask experience that you can have at home. Tbh, I usually do a few sessions cuz it is super relaxing. Sometimes I use it on top of my usual mask :P

Lastly, The FOREO ISSA Mini 2. click here

The cutest toothbrush ever. Mini size because it’s easier to pack with! The bristles are super gentle, suitable for people who has weak gums like me. Also great for those who have had aesthetic dental work done. Brushing teeth has never been so fun with it! haha!

Anyway, what do you think about these beauty tech from FOREO? Will you give it a try? Let me know! xx

Why I work out.

Wednesday, September 12, 2018

 I guess you guys should know from my IG stories that I’ve been working out pretty seriously these days. I’ve recently joined Playground fitness for strength training and it’s the best decision I’ve ever made this year lol. I’ve always been working out on and off myself and also take up boxing classes occasionally at Fire station fit. But always in my comfort zone.

I was motivated by my boyfriend to get a coach. It was actually his plan to get a coach because he became super lazy to go to the gym. At the same time, I was approached by CJ from Playground fitness to try on their group classes. I wrote back to him with a proposal, told him that I wanted a good program that can be a part of my lifestyle, not just a one off thing just to achieve a certain type of body. CJ was really open with ideas and I’m glad things works between us. My boyfriend came on board and I literally forced Ashley to come along too. 

I remember including taking fitness seriously in my new year resolutions since idk when. I’m now training 3 days a week at Playground fitness. To be honest, they are days that I hope to skip but I promised myself to cut all excuses, and give myself more reasons to hit the gym.

Here’s my reasons :

1. Bella Hadid's Body 
CJ asked my to show him my body goals because he knows that everyone has their own perspective on the perfect body shape. I love Kendall but I think I have bigger hips so the closes that I think I can achieve is Bella’s body *minus the boobs lol*. I’ve seen Bella in real life, dancing right beside me at Coachella, I was starstruck af. She has a really tiny waist and she look super healthy. I know sometimes it’s the genes but I won’t take that as an excuse lol. So whenever I feel like skipping gym, I’ll just look at her Instagram and get my shit together.

2. Healthier lifestyle 
One thing why I love working out, I tend to make better food choices. I didn’t want to waste all the hard work at gym. I know I couldn’t go all clean diet, but I’m cutting carbs and taking more protein. Whenever I ate something heavy, I’ll make sure I work extra harder in my next gym session. Even when I travel, I try to go to the gym whenever I can.

3. If not now, when?
I love to challenge myself. I seldom say no when it comes to extra weights. I know if I don’t do it today, I’m going to do it someday anyway. I love looking at @dogpound ig ( a gym account from NYC ) where all the VS angels trains at. I believe they put on a lot hard work to become that strong and I believe I can too. I just need to get myself together. Even though some days I do feel weak but i never give up cuz I know I’ll be super satisfied after that. It’s all about dedication.

Now...tell me, does fitness plays a big part in your lifestyle? Or just not feeling it? 

Melbourne stay & food stuff.

Tuesday, September 4, 2018

I'm so glad to be back in Melbourne after a year. I didn't expect to go back this year but I'm so glad that Ashley and I got a DJ gig for Merdaka eve in Pandora Club. A super short trip, 3 days 2 nights and we kinda forced Daphne to come to party with us. 

This round, I've booked a super sweet airbnb located in Collingwood/Fitzroy area. It's only RM500/night for a two bedroom, two CLEAN bathroom with a huge balcony. One of the best airbnb I've ever stayed. I know it's only three of us, but the place is great for family. On a side note, I'm actually a pretty good airbnb digger, I find places that never disappoints me. 

It was a pretty chill trip. Funny thing we didn't take much pictures! We got wasted on the first night so we woke up pretty late the next day. Daphne didn't really get to do must touristy stuff. The only touristy place we went was the library. 

But, we're glad that we made it to Lune! 
Here's some food stuff :

Lune Croissanterie
19 Rose St, Fitzroy VIC 3065, Australia
Opens everyday 7am - 3pm ( except Tues & Weds till 12:30pm )
- My fav is always Pain au Choc.

Archie's All Day
189 Gertrude St, Fitzroy VIC 3065, Australia
Opens 7.30am - 10 pm
- Been here last two years and glad to be back for their avo toast! Located 5 min away from my airbnb.

I Love Pho
 264 Victoria St, Richmond VIC 3121, Australia
Opens everyday 9am -10pm
- Just feel like having pho and melbourne friend took us here! It's good!

Brother Baba Budan 
359 Little Bourke St, Melbourne VIC 3000, Australia
Opens 7am - 5pm ( till 7pm on weekends )
- Good coffee in the city! 

DOC Pizza & Mozzarella Bar
295 Drummond St, Carlton VIC 3053, Australia
Opens 5pm - 10:30 pm ( Mon - Weds ) 12pm - 10:30pm ( Thurs - Sun )
- Super good pizza. I personally love the truffle pizza. Also hot Italians too.

St Ali Coffee Roasters
2-18 Yarra Pl, South Melbourne VIC 3205, Australia
Opens 7am - 6pm
- Cool place in South Melbourne. Warehouse vibes with good coffee.

August Favourites

Tuesday, August 28, 2018

I've decided to do a top 5 favourites of the month! It could be food, fashion or music. I guess I'm gonna make this a monthly thing to keep track on some of my favourites of the month! 

On August favourite : 

Make upDior Backstage Glow Face Palette 
As seen on Bella Hadid's face. 
I got this palette from the launch of Dior Backstage in KL. Tried and immediately fell in love. I uses it as my daily make up, usually mixing the top two colors on my cheek bones to create a radiant skin. Sometimes I even use the bronzer as my eyeshadow. I love how it leaves a long lasting glow on my skin.

Nail Color - Neon Green
I've never thought that I will have colorful nails. 
I used to do earth tone color nails nut this time, I'm going green. Neon Green. And I'm obsessed with this color. 

Fashion item - Gentle Monster X Alexander Wang 
I'm so happy that it's finally launched! I'm into colors lately and yellow is just great!

Featuring Eminem & Labrinth. Too good.

Movie - Crazy Rich Asian

            I didn't get to finish the book but the movie is too good. I love how part of the movie were shot in Malaysia, makes me feel really proud! The cast, music, storyline, everything was perfectly done. I'm glad that they're making a sequel to this movie! Can't wait already!