They say you will expire.

Tuesday, June 27, 2017

"Girl, faster find boyfriend lo, later you expire already, no one wants you already."

"Reality is like that one, after 30 you are out from the market."

"All my friends getting married and having kids already, what am I doing with my life?"

"Still don't get married ah? Later too old to have baby already."

How many of you are familiar with these lines? I think we pretty much grew up in a society that tells you the perfect age to get married, to have kids or else, you are doomed. As scary as it sounds, how many of us are constantly doubting ourselves, fearing to age? 

I was. 

I once had a conversation with this aussie lady, she was about 34 and I was like 23? I was telling her my birthday is coming and I didn't want to celebrate my birthday anymore after 25 because it's so embarrassing. She told me that it's funny how when she was younger, she felt the same way too but surprisingly stepping into her 30s is the best thing that has ever happened to her. 

She told me when she was 21, she had so much fun, she didn't really know what was going on with her life but she just had so much fun. Everything is so vivid, you thought you know what you're doing, but in another second, you lose track of what you're doing? ( you get what i mean?) When she turned 30 few years ago, she realised that she's settled with a job that she really enjoys, she has a clear mind on what she wants in life and found what she believes in which explains why she thinks that turning 30 isn't as bad as it seems.

It kinda make sense, but back then, in my heart was like, 

"wah angmoh really thinks differently.
I literally told her that in Asia, you're most likely off the market after you turn 30. Now, I really wish to take those words back. It's so embarrassing, but I'm also glad to finally understand what she meant now.

It's funny that we grow up in a society telling us girls to find a boyfriend at certain age, so we don't get expired. Telling us how getting married is so important, constantly getting questions about boyfriends, marriage or kids, but how many of them actually ask you, HAVE YOU FOUND YOURSELF?

How many of us neglected this? I think this question is wayyyyyyy more important to us.  I've seen girls helping their friends to get a boyfriend but not many are open to talk about finding themselves. Why is it so terrifying for women to have big dreams? Or is it that bad for girls to have strong opinions? Because most men find it intimidating? Or most men don't like their partners to be too "strong", or what they called it "hard to be tamed". I don't blame them or judge them, I always believe that the world is going to treat you as how you see it through. A man who truly loves you will listen, will respect what you stand for and supports you. ( vice versa. )  Stopping you for voicing your opinions, or slamming your ideas without listening to you, girl, that man does not know how to respect you. 

First thing first, find yourself.

It's never too late to find yourself, no matter you're 20, 30 or 40. You are never going to be expired or feel like one. Always speak for yourself, because if you don't, no one is going to listen or understand where you are coming from. 
Don't force yourself to accept things that don't make you feel good, because your feelings are as important as everyone else. 
Always have opinions, yet respect that people have different opinions. 
Even greater, force yourself to look from different perspectives, and you will find what works for you and what doesn't. Learn what works and walk away from what doesn't.
Embrace what life throws at you.

Can't believe I'm saying this, but aging suddenly doesn't sound that terrifying.
Because I know, I will never be expire, so do you.
I hope reading this helps you too. 

Ending this with what inspires me to write this.
A really well produce ad from SKII, please watch :

Orgasm all day?

Friday, June 9, 2017

Guess you've seen my Everyday look featuring mostly Nars products! Yes, a little collaboration with Nars to create an everyday look! This look is really natural and light, it's totally what I will wear everyday. Emphasising on the cheeks to create a healthy, happy skin and the Orgasm blush has been my favourite for years! Glad that they came up with a liquid blush for a longer lasting blush ☺️   Or you can watch it here :

Do you know that 70% women rarely / never orgasm? But some women can even orgasm when kissing. I know, just being random lol.

Here's a list of products I've used in the video :
NARS Radiant Creamy Concealer - Ginger
NARS Velvet Matte Skin Tint - Finland
NUDESTIX Eyebrow Stylus - Brown
NARS Duo Eyeshadow - Hammamet 
NARS X Sarah Moon Kohliner - Brown
NARS Liquid Blusher - Orgasm
NARS Blusher - Orgasm
NARS Satin Lip - Orgasm
NARS Velvet Lip Glide - Playpen

Btw, I've got my lash extension by @lash_n_polish @176 avenue! Pretty pretty!

Maldives with Jimmy Choo

Monday, May 29, 2017

When Carrie from Jimmy Choo told us that we are going on a secret #chootravels trip  with influencers from all over Asia to work on a digital campaign, I literally took like 3 days to realise it was not a dream. Took another 3 days to calm down when secret reveals that we are actually going to Maldives. Summer in Maldives, what can I ask for more?  

Team Jimmy Choo did a great job on our stay in Constance Halaveli. It was perfect for two nights ( eventho I seceretly wish I could stay longerrrr ) . The hospitality, the villas, the food, everything was tip top! I guess by far the best work trip I ever been to!   Getting to work with Candice Lake ( Vogue Australia Style Editor / Photographer ) was a pleasure. Imagine shooting 8 of us, 3 styles each, in two days, she totally ace it. Everyone look so good in all the pictures.

I'm so happy to meet new friends from different countries, everyone is so friendly and nice. It's amazing how I actually meet them in real life and I'm pretty sure I was star-struck-ing over the entire trip. Anyway, here's some of the photos taken over the trip! 


Also, all three looks from what we were there for!

Photographed : Candice Lake 
Make Up : Felix Nguyen 
Hair : Naldo Law 
Shoes & Bags & Sunglasses : Jimmy Choo

Dress - Diane Von Furstenberg 

 Dress - Emilio Pucci 

Top - Jonathan Liang 

Thank you Team Jimmy Choo for everything. Big Hugs and Kisses!!!!

Obsession for black items.

Wednesday, May 3, 2017

I have a confession, a confession about my obsession for the colour black. Or should I say, matte blacks. There's something about matte blacks that make things look extra sexy, classy sexy, don't you agree? I personally think that matte blacks give a feeling of coolness, edginess, and its goes well on almost everything. The unfinished texture of matte black items just give me weird satisfactions, I just can't find a word to describe it!

Anyway, I've own tons of matte black items, including not one but THREE luggages in matte blacks. Definitely make a statement for an Airport fashion look.

Also, one of the reasons of my love for NARS cosmetic products, their matte black packaging. I have almost everything, lipsticks, bronzer, eyeshadows.... I mean how can someone resists?

My favourite pair of sunglasses is in matte black too! It goes well with anything! Makes any look extra cooler. I'm already planning to get another matte black sunnies in a different frame.

Not forgetting the headsets I use for my DJ gigs are in matte black. I can still remember when I saw it in a record shop, I just have to bring it home. It's too pretty to just sit on the shelf lol. Like what I just said, these headsets are the best to match my outfit, no matte what gig I'm playing on, fashion or parties, it never goes wrong!

I do wish I'll drive a matte black G-wagon someday...

Speaking about matte blacks, OPPO R9s has launched black version and it's getting a lot of attention! It might not be the first black phone, but it certainly is a good quality and affordable one.

If you haven’t heard about the OPPO R9s, it comes in a 5.5" wide screen, featuring a 16MP front and Rear Camera. Also, a really long lasting battery life of 3010mAh. These are some of the pictures that I took with it.

C:\Users\Samantha Keo\Downloads\IMG20170427152024.jpg
Using Double Exposure

C:\Users\Samantha Keo\Downloads\IMG20170427151839.jpg      C:\Users\Samantha Keo\Downloads\IMG20170427151649.jpg
Using Manual with HDR

What we did in Sydney and New South Wales

Monday, April 17, 2017

It’s funny how travelling to the same destination again gives you a different experience depending on the company you are with? Like reading a good book, you always revisit it at different stages of your life. And for this trip it was a little more special as it was a double couple trip! I’ve been to Sydney few years back for Lorde, didn’t really get to do much back then because it was only a short trip ( but sweet one! )  so I was really excited to go back again to do more. This time, we get to explore not only Sydney, but more of New South Wales. I was super happy when we got a greenlight from Singapore Airlines and Destination New South Wales.

Do you know that Singapore Airlines flies to Sydney 31 times a week via Singapore? It’s also my first time flying with Singapore Airlines on their A380 aircraft, and I finally understand why they are one of the best airlines in the world! Their hospitality, flight punctuality; everything was on point. On top of that, delicious meals are also served on board with a wide range of drinks available throughout the flight. I used to dread airplane food but Singapore Airlines really changed my mind.  

I wish someday to experience their Suites, where you can have your own private space. It's the first in the airline industry, which allows you to experience the pleasure of sleeping on a distinctively designed, standalone bed; not one converted from a seat #BUCKETLIST.

Anyway, here’s a full itinerary of my trip to New South Wales.

Day 1 :

The first day in Sydney was a chill one. We landed in the morning and
got to meet our host, Julie, who is our host for the entire trip!

- Checked in to Hyatt Regency Hotel.
- Lunch at The Grounds of Alexandria.

The place is crazy beautiful! One of the must-visit place for all Instagrammers!

The Grounds of Alexandria
71/2 Huntley Street
Alexandria, NSW, 2015

- Desserts and coffee at BlackStar Pastry for their famous watermelon cake!
I also had an avocado toast!

BlackStar Pastry Rosebery
C1/85-113 Dunning Avenue
Rosebery, NSW, 2018
Mon - Fri : 7am - 3pm
Sat & Sun : 7am - 4pm

- Ramen dinner at Gumshara.

Gumshara - Chinatown
211/25-29 Dixon St, Haymarket NSW 2000, Australia
11:30 am - 9pm

Day 2 :
It’s Bondi Day! Thank god the sun came out for a little while.

- Yoga in the morning. We were supposed to have yoga by the beach at Bondi Icebergs POOL (google it to imagine how amazing the view would have been) but unfortunately it was raining in the morning. So we had to move to another venue.
- Breakfast at Speedo’s Cafe.
They have the best soy! I literally turned everyone to drink soy lol. This place has literally everything you wanted for breakfast, they even have a dedicated ‘Eat Clean’ menu!

Speedo’s CafĂ©
126 Ramsgate Avenue
North Bondi, NSW, 2026
6AM - 5PM

- Bondi to Bronte Coastal Walk.
- Lunch at Sydney Fish Market.

Sydney Fish Market & Vics Meat Market
Corner Bank Street & Pyrmont Bridge Road
Sydney, NSW, 2009
7am - 4:30 pm

- Coffee at Paramount Coffee Project
MY FAV CAFE OF ALL TIME that inspired me and Daphne to open Space two years ago.
Tried their Key Lime Pie Waffle and it was amazinggggg.

Paramount Coffee Project
80 Commonwealth St, Surry Hills NSW 2010, Australia
7am - 4pm

- Cocktails at a speakeasy bar, located in a super cool basement!
If you love whisky, this is the place! I had a great gin based cocktail.

Ramblin’ Rascal Tavern
99 Elizabeth St, Sydney NSW 2000, Australia
4pm - 12am

- Thai Dinner at Home Thai.
Was craving for some thai food. Crazy long 1.30hr queue but the wait was worth it.

Home Thai
1-2/299 Sussex St, Sydney NSW 2000, Australia
5pm - 10pm

Day 3 :
Checked out from our hotel and we were off to Port Stephens.Port Stephens is a town located about 2.30hr drive from Sydney. I didn’t know about this place until we received our itinerary. Thank god the weather was great the entire day. We had Maccas on our road trip as breakfast. Truffle fries was good tho. How I wish we had it here in KL!

- Sand Dunes Adventure day! I was pretty afraid at first cuz I didn’t know how to ride an ATV. It was surprisingly quite easy to learn. Our guide brought us to a few crazy cool location within the sand dune and we did sand boarding from a 50ft sand dune. Twice. Kudos to Hanpin as he’s super afraid of heights but we made him do it twice! I highly recommend this place to anyone who is interested in a little bit of adventure!!!!

Sand Dune Adventures
2163 Nelson Bay Road, Williamtown NSW

- Lunch by the beach at Crest.
We spend lunch for both days in Port Stephen here. Salt & Pepper Squid is my fav!

Crest at Birubi Beach
73 James Paterson Street (inside the Birubi Beach SLSC)
Anna Bay, NSW, 2316

-  Check in to Anchorage Port Stephens for a night!

Anchorage Port Stephens
Corlette Point Road
Corlette, NSW, 2315

- Hiking at Tomaree Headland for the best sunset view. ( about 30 mins drive from our hotel )
It’s about 1.1km hike up to reach the summit or  2.2km (return). THE VIEW ON TOP IS STUNNING. We get to see the most of Port Stephens. Definitely worth the hike!

- Dinner at The Gallery in our hotel.
One of the best dinner we had in NSW.

Day 4 :
Check out and had breakfast at our hotel.

- Dolphin Watching Cruise! I’m so glad that the weather didn’t stop the dolphins from showing up. They said you can even see whales if you come during the whale migration season from May to November!

Moonshadow Cruises
Victoria Parade
Nelson Bay, NSW

- Lunch at Crest.
- Took a 1.45hr drive to The Entrance for Pelican Feeding experience.
- Back to Sydney and check in to our next hotel at Pier One Sydney Harbour.
Our hotel is just right beside the Sydney Harbour Bridge, and Sydney Opera House is right opposite us! Sadly it was weekday, else we could have gone to Luna Park!

Pier One Sydney Harbour
11 Hickson Road
Walsh Bay, NSW, 2000

- Burger dinner at Bar Luca!
A few of my followers introduced me to have burgers here, it was awesomeeeee!
You get to add tons of toppings and have your own ‘bespoke’ burger. The shoe string fries that came with our burgers was amazing.

Bar Luca
52 Phillip St, Sydney NSW 2000, Australia
Mon - Wed : 9AM - 10PM
Thur & Fri : 10AM - 10PM
Sat : 5PM - 10PM
(closed on Sundays )

- We had cocktails at another speakeasy bar, Palmer & Co which is about 15 minutes walk from Bar Luca.
Gatsby themed bar. Good vibes!

Palmer & Co.
Abercrombie Ln, Sydney NSW 2000, Australia
Sun - Wed : 5PM - 3AM
Thurs - Fri : 3PM - 3AM
Sat : 4PM - 3AM

Day 5:
Rock & Roll day!

- Breakfast at Barangaroo Headland. Business District located at north-western edge.

Bel & Brio Coffee and Co
T3 01/300 Barangaroo Avenue
Barangaroo, NSW, 2000

- Troll Tours with Harley Davidson! Super fun tour around Sydney on a Harley Davidson. We took our tour from Barangaroo to Watson’s Bay.

- Lunch at Watson’s Bay Boutique Hotel Beach Club after a short coastal walk around Watsons Bay.

Watson’s Bay Boutique Hotel Beach Club
1 Military Road (corner of Marine Parade)
Watsons Bay, NSW, 2030

- Ferry Ride back to the city.
- Coffee at Skittle Lane Coffee.
A minimal coffee bar that serves real good coffee! More for to-gos!

Skittle Lane Coffee
40 King St, Sydney NSW 2000, Australia
Mon - Fri : 7AM - 4PM

Day 6 :
It’s all about exploring Blue Mountains!

- had breakfast at the hotel and checked out. And we’re off the Blue Mountains, about 1.30hr drive from our hotel.

Lincoln Rock
Where we took the cliff photo! I know it looks extremely dangerous, but it was actually okay as it’s not a clear drop like you see in the picture.
13253 US-2, East Wenatchee, WA 98802

- Lunch at The Lookout Echo Point
33 Echo Point Rd, Katoomba NSW 2780, Australia
Mon -Fri : 8:30 AM - 6 PM
Sat & Sun : 8AM - 7PM

- Scenic World for three exciting rides : The Scenic Railway (the world’s steepest train!), The Scenic Cableway, and The Scenic Skyway (Australia’s highest cablecar)

Scenic World
Violet St & Cliff Drive Katoomba, NSW, 2780

- Checked in Adina Apartments Sydney to spend the last two nights.

Day 7 :
Last day already :( It’s a photoshoot day for Nat & Ben’s Wedding. I’m basically the creative director for the shoot and Alev was the photographer! Nat & Ben booked a kombi for the shoot and it’s super cute. I don’t want to reveal too much, but can’t wait to share with you all soon!

Stay tuned....

- Breakfast at Bills.

Bills was located right below our hotel. Was here last few years and I remembered their mocha was super good! Still love this place tho! PANCAKES IS AWESOME!

Bills Surry Hills
359 Crown St, Surry Hills NSW 2010, Australia
Mon - Sun : 7AM - 10PM

- Korean Barbeque Dinner! Super good korean bbq!
The cheese mushroom toppoki so good!

Sydney Madang Korean BBQ
371A Pitt St, Sydney NSW 2000, Australia
Mon - Sun : 11:30 AM - 2AM

To be honest, a week in New South Wales is a little bit short to cover the rest of the places. There’s a lot of hidden beautiful places that we didn’t know or had enough time to discover. I hope someday, we will get to come back and explore the rest of New South Wales. Here's a lil info on the pricing :

Sand Dune Adventures
-          1 hr quad tour: A$110 per adult, A$65 per child (7-13 yrs)
-          Tour times:  10am, 11:30 am, 1.00 pm and 2:30 pm
-          Minimum 2 people for the tour to operate
-          20% discount applies for 1 Hour Quad Bike Tours Online bookings their website at

For a similar itinerary including Sydney, the Blue Mountains and Port Stephens, you can consider to book via:
-          Golden Deluxe (6D4N Group packages from RM6,938, including airfare): 
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