Dubai must do list.

Sunday, January 14, 2018

My boyfriend and I had a layover in Dubai for 5 days before our trip to Europe, and it was the best decision we ever made! ( Courtesy to team Ykone & Dubai tourism for making our Dubai happen. )
 So what are the must-dos in Dubai? Here’s my top five must-dos list.

Hop on a Seaplane.

One of the best seaplane experience I ever had. A 45 minutes ride above Dubai’s sky, we get to see all Dubai landmarks, including Dubai’s old town, Burj Khalifa, Palm Jumeriah Burj Al Arab. If you have never taken a seaplane before, it’s nothing scary or dangerous, suitable for all age including infants. Me and my boyfriend voted this experience the best way to see the whole Dubai. Unless you wanted to do sky diving, I wanted to but he is afraid of heights, so this is good enough to fulfil our Dubai skyline dreams. Anyway, The Seawings Seaplane has a few options for seaplane tours and flight times are pretty flexible, but do book them earlier because the seats are hot!

Check it out at :

Not your typical desert safari tour.
We went to two different desert safari experiences with Platinum Heritage.

Platinum Collection - Conservation Drive.

A more private and luxurious way to discover the desert safari. We cruised in a Range Rover and had our breakfast at Al Mahal Desert Resort. I personally advice to pick the earliest time to depart so you get the best sunlight for photos. We departed at 7am and it's good enough. Also if you’re looking for a private and flexible desert safari tour, where you get to ask your tour guide to stop anywhere any moment, this is it.

Herritage Collection - Herritage Desert Safari Dubai.
One of the coolest way to visit the desert safari. Imagine cruising in a vintage 1950’s Land Rover, watching the sunset middle of the desert, and having Emirati dinner under the stars at a private Royal desert retreat. We had so much fun and we both agreed that this is the must go desert safari tour. Fyi, this desert safari tour is ranked top1 in TripAdvisor. The only advice I will have for this tour is to bring a jacket at night because the temperature drops really fast after the sunsets.

For more info :

Dine with a view.
There’s two fine restaurants that we went around Dubai’s financial district (DIFC).

Mint Leaf of London - 
An Indian fine cuisine with a view overlooking the Burj Khalifa. We both are huge fan of Indian food, we didn’t expect this had become one of the best Indian food experience.

Zuma -
We asked our uber driver to recommend us something and he brought us to Zuma, a Japanese fusion restaurant. Imagine sex and the city vibes, Zuma is very similar to NOBU. Food was really good, but I personally think the chef tasting menu that we ordered was a little too much, a la carte to share will be great enough. We made our bookings quite last minute, glad that they got us a table at the lounge area.

Chill on a hipster beach.
La Mer is Dubai’s newest beachfront district that just opened in November. I was pretty impressed with the hipster vibes going on with the strands of shops and cafes, filled with street arts and art pieces. Han Pin did his research on SALT, which happen to be one of the most famous soft serve & burger place in Dubai that started off from a caravan. Now they have an actual cafe in La Mer and trust me, their stuff are really yummy. La Mer is a huge project, heard that there will be more stuff coming in line.

Read more about La Mer :

Jet-ski Tour .
Didn’t expect to have my first jet ski experience in Dubai. We cruised from the marina towards the best view of Burj Al Arab. It was quite a thrill but I wish I get to do it again by myself the next time. Our instructor was really patient and nice, also good in taking pictures too

More info about our jetski tour :

A Paris Story with Omega.

Wednesday, November 22, 2017

I'm so happy that I make it to Paris this year, this time round with OMEGA to celebrate the launch of OMEGA "Her Time" Exhibition. Lucky me. I was so so so happy and excited because it was PFW and literally all my fav instagrammers/bloggers around the world were in Paris. 

It was a totally different experience to travel to Paris during fashion week. It's very interesting to actually see how people dress up for fashion week, some were really good, and some were just extra lol. Rue Saint-Honoré stretch were filled with fashionable people all over the world. Colette was like the pit stop. Everyone was like "got to make the last visit before it shuts down in dec."

I am very grateful to have OMEGA to host my very first PFW experience. I got to stay at one of the best hotels, Mandarin Oriental ( located right inside Rue Saint-Honoré, where all the shopping is. ), had dinner on a yacht for welcome dinner that went around Paris, walked on a mini red carpet, got 84990102 photographs taking pictures of me on the photowall ( big thank you to Louis Vuitton for dressing me top to toe ). Thinking about it makes me feel like it was a dream. 

Here's a few fun facts about OMEGA Women and Timepieces :
1. In early days, OMEGA produces "secret jewerly watches" where they make timepieces looked like jewerly with hidden watch, to accommodate some circle who considers woman rude to look at her wrist watch ( they think it's a sign of boredom. )

2. Cindy Crawford is the first OMEGA women ambassador and she is still since 1995. 22 Years!

3. Cindy's son & daughter, Kaia Gerber & Presley Gerber are officially the newest ambassadors for OMEGA.  

#familygoals much.

leftover photos : 

Thank you, OMEGA.

My Surgery Story.

Wednesday, October 25, 2017

Surpriseeeeeeee! I saved this story for my blog on purpose so it's easier for everyone.

Before I start talking about my surgery, some of you might not know what's an accessory axillary breast. It's basically an extra tissue that grows around the armpit area, too me, it's more like a side boob. I had this problem since young, most likely cause of me not wearing the right bra when I was going through puberty, else I might have bigger boobs today. Sads. 

These two bulges on both side of my armpits ( left side's bigger ) were the reason why I rarely wear tube tops or sleeveless clothes. I've tried many ways, wearing the right bra, doing push ups, using tape to tape them in. It doesn't really work for me, the only temporary way to cheat my own feelings was to use photoshop to make them look okay in pictures. 

I did a lot of research on reducing axillary breasts, and the most effective way was removing it surgically. Yep. I did mention on my ig stories when someone asked me what is my biggest flaw / insecurities. 

So how it happened. Last month, my boyf decided to go Seoul to get his tattoo done by @Oozy_tattoo , we were suppose to go join Ashley & Blink for his gig at a music fest, but I ended up getting my axillary breast removed!!!! It wasn't really a last minute plan, I asked for recommendation through my korean friend Heena weeks before and she introduced me to HERSHE Plastic Surgery & Dermatology. I felt safer when it comes to her recommendation, well at least I know I wouldn't end up getting conned by the internet or what so. Apparently this place is pretty famous, heard that many celebrities got their job done here too lol. They have consultant who speaks perfect english and chinese.

Basically I had to remove them surgically by opening a 3+ cm incision on both sides. Doctor will then take off the tissues and it will take about an hour time. I did my surgery the next day after my consultation. I had also made a request to do inner stitching on my incisions so I don't need to remove the stitches after a week.

About my surgery..

I was told not to eat or drink the night before, for anesthesia purposes. That way pretty okay, pretty chill until I realised it's surgery day. Boyf accompanied me to the place and trust me, I WAS F*CKING TERRIFIED when they told him to go walk around and come back later. Doctor did some drawings on the areas that should be removed and then it's time to walk into the surgery room. I was topless lying on the surgery bed. The nurses cleaned the areas and also got my blood test for allergy purposes. Then, they poked the needle into my vein where they will start injecting the local anesthesia after doctor comes it....

Next thing I know, my surgery was done. 


It was so casual, the whole surgery took less than an hour? I was told to bed rest for another hour, pick up some medicines and off, I'm free to go. Boyf came to pick me up and the next thing we were having lunch at School Food and went shopping around Garosul-gil. My armpits were wrapped in bandages that can only be taken off the next day. I was told not to lift heavy or sweat/sauna/swim the following month, so work out for me :/

It's the best decision I had ever made. 

This is me, about a month after my surgery at Adidas fitcation lol. 
Can't really tell where my incisions at right?

The results is drastic. I am currently using Bio Oil for anti scarring on my incisions and hopefully they will heal perfectly. Btw, for those who are interested, here's the website of the place I did my surgery :
( My surgery cost about RM3000+  )


Sunday, September 24, 2017

Oh how I missed Tokyo so, felt so good to be back! I’ve been to Tokyo many times but never with a boyfriend, I’m glad he was able to tag along this time round! He'd been to Tok yo when he was young, but he didn’t had much impression so I was super excited to bring him around Tokyo! It’s more like a food trip, so here’s what we did :

1. Tsukiji Market.  

Honestly, it’s my first time going to Tsukiji market. Unfortunately there’s a big fire happened last month, so the market moved to a new place but most restaurants are still there. We walked in to restaurant that specialise sea urchin ( because bf loves sea urchin ) for lunch and it turns out pretty high rated! I don’t take sea urchin so I had the Meguro bowl, which is also dopeeeee. 

2. Tea & Spoon Matcha Ice-Cream  

Place where you get to fulfil your matcha fantasies. Comes in milk, roasted, or plain matcha from level 1 to 7. We had three scoops : Roasted, Matcha Level 6 and Soy Walnut ( which i think it should be highlighted. ). P  ersonally think that level 6 is a lil bitter, could have gone for level 4. 

3. Pose infront of Vending Machines. 

Because WHY NOT? It’s the most iconic thing to do.

4. Summer time special : Corn & Watermelon ice-cream.

Dominique Ansel Bakery just launched them for Summer special. They taste as good as they look. Pretty lucky to still get to try them before they take off their summer menu. Sadly we didn’t get ti try the Marshmallow ice cream because we were too full.

5. Okonomiyaki at Sakura Tei 

We were looking for Okonomiyaki place, glad that we found one in Omotesando. It’s pretty fun to do, but not so fun to smell like that on the airplane lol. We had our last meal in Tokyo here before we take our night flight back to KL, hopefully we didn’t stink.


The main reason why I was in Tokyo, to check out Shiseido’s Japan exclusive skin care brand - THE GINZA. It’s so exclusive, this brand is only available in Japan and no where else in the world. It is designed for groups who don’t like complications, who only want simple rules to achieve great aesthetics, premium and fashionable.I personally went to Shiseido to learn about this brand and why people are willing to flew all the way to Japan, just to buy their products ( and it’s not cheap at all ).  

I finally understand why after trying on their products. The technology they used is so advance, they don’t have many products but they fits ALL SKIN TYPES. 
One of the products I wanted to highlight is THE GINZA HYBIRD GEL OIL, can be used as serum/massage serum. 

The texture of this product it’s something i’ve never seen before. Unlike other serum on the market, Italian still natural mineral water is used to produce this product. It gives you a  rosy and luminous glow after using the product. It can also be used as a massage serum. I can totally feel the difference on my skin the next day using it. THE GINZA HYBIRD GEL OIL cost 25,000 yen ( about RM960+ ) but they came out with a limited set that comes with a soap ( available on September 21st onwards for a limited period ). 


THE GINZA is only available in Duty Free shops and limited locations. I personally recommend to go the one in Takashimaya Shinjuku Duty Free on the 11th floor so you can get duty free price! 
Or you can also check out the shop list here :

More info about THE GINZA : 

 Here’s the rest of place I went : 

Itadori Unitora Kurau 
Address: 4 Chome-10-14 Tsukiji, 中央区 Tokyo 104-0045, Japan 
Hours:· Daily 10AM–11PM ( except Sunday till 4pm )

Tea & Spoon Nanaya Aoyama
Address: Japan, 150-0002 Tokyo, Shibuya, 2 Chome−7−12
Hours : Daily 11AM - 7PM

Sakura Tei
Address: 3 Chome-20-1 Jingumae, Shibuya, Tokyo 150-0001, Japan 
Hours: Daily 11AM–12AM

Dominique Ansel Bakery
Address: 5 Chome-7-14 Jingumae, 渋谷区 Tokyo 150-0001, Japan 
Hours: Daily· 10AM–7PM

Janice Wong Dessert Bar
Address: Japan, 〒151-0051 Tokyo, 渋谷区Sendagaya, 5−24−55 NEWoMan SHINJUKU
Hours: Daily 11AM–11PM

Address : Hotel New Otani

Wave yet?

Tuesday, August 22, 2017

Am I too late to discover the amazing-ness of Visa payWave, like finally ?

To be honest, I hate using cash most of the time. Here’s WHY :

1. I like to change my bags according to my outfit and most of my bags are small ( small bags are on trend! ). Hence, I ditched my bulky wallet two years ago and replaced it with a cardholder to fit whatever I can fit to ease my bag changing process. My cardholder can literally fit my ic, driving license, credit cards, debit cards, and maybe max RM300 cash ( 6 X RM50 ). I still prefer not using cash because I’ll end up getting coins and smaller note that can’t fit in. I’ll probably end up losing some notes and the annoying coins will be everywhere in my bag.

Me VS Small bags.

2. I don’t like the pressure of counting notes. I know that no one is rushing me but I feel under pressure when it comes to paying most of the time .I feel it even more when there’s people waiting behind me especially my notes is everywhere in my bag. Lucky me, if I get to pay the exact amount, or else I feel the pressure again while keeping the change ( threw them into my bag most of the time ) and pick up my stuff and quickly leave. I’m not sure if it’s normal to have this kind of pressure, I wonder if there is a name for my disorder .

3. I don’t like how I can’t track my spendings using cash. Yes, that is why people invented receipts but I tend to lose them. It’s a weird behaviour that I tend to spend more when I have cash, I spend it on random things, most of them were unnecessary. When it comes to using cards, I often tell myself I spent a lot, so end up I spend more wisely when I’m cashless.

I use credit and debit cards a lot, until I discovered Visa payWave that can totally overcome my weird disorder. Basically we just have to simply wave our Visa payWave card for payments below RM250 without the need to key in PIN. Of course, we can still make purchases above RM250 with cards, but we would need to key in PIN. I find it really convenient for me, I use it to buy coffee, pay my groceries, and it never fails me.

Honestly I didn’t dare to use it until one day, when I was buying Starbucks, cashless and I was prepared to use my card to pay. The counter guy asked me if I would like use payWave since my card has it. I was like “ Sure, why not.”. I’ve never use it before and it wouldn’t be awkward if it doesn’t work on him loll. So he wave it for me and I just paid my coffee in less than 3 seconds.

Totally accepting technology. I’m totally buying the whole Visa payWave idea.
To those who have not try it yet, do start ‘payWaving’ and trust me, there’s an odd satisfaction I couldn’t explain.

More info about Visa payWave :