It's the second week of June already! Half of the year 2013 just gone like that.So far I think there's alot of happenings and it's going to be more in the next half of the year. Anywayyyyy, I'm gonna blog about my first week of June!

1. Generation Beauty Talk @ Penang
  photo credits to Povy

I just realize that I didn't take any pictures that day cuz I was so rush and so sick ( 3rd day having diarrhea lolll too much info ) so I prolly look like shit. I'm glad that there are many of you came and thanks for taking and tagging the pictures on instagram! Hope that you guys had fun that day and hopefully we will have on in KL soo!

2. Tendence @ Pavilion Launch.

Thank you Tendence for the invites and the lovely watch! Another day when I look like shit cuz I was having toothache and period pain all in one.  Luckily I brought my pain killers :/ 
Same goes to Joseph and Karena who had diarrhea. Pity.
 I just realize that almost everyone around me had diarrhea recently. What's wrong ahh??

Anyway, it's great to meet new people and they are all really friendly especially Leng Yein, she was so so so so so humble and nice and she's freaking hot.

 3. Baby Vivi153 back in town 

Leng Leng and me decided to bring her to The Bee @ Publika for dinner/supper. I ALMOST LOST MY PHONE. I hate how I am so careless enough to FORGET about my phone and realize it was gone until I'm home. I thought I had it in my bag or I left it in my car and NO. I left it in the restaurant. Lucky me, super lucky me that worker, Shane @ The Bee found it and they kept it for me T.T THANK U SO MUCHHHHHH. I will visit The Bee more after this lolll.

Also brought her to Harrod's Cafe @KLCC for high tea since we never been there before.
We suppose to order some tea set but I think we ordered it wrongly :/


Speaking about my babes....
I just made all of them to download Kakao Talk and my phone been “ Katoukkk” ing 24/7. Yes, super cute alret tone which made the whoke Kakao Talk app even more convincing. Actually one of the reason why I downloaded Kakao Talk is cuz of Big Bang! If you saw their tvc on youtube or tv starring Yuna at first and then ….I bet you will be like “omg big bang leh!”. Like what I guessed Kakao Talk giving out Yuna & Big Bang free stickers!!!! YEEEEEAAAAAAA!!!

I went to convinced all my babes to download it so I could use them loll. Now Kakao Talk became our secert chatting platform as we can actually set passcode lock for this app :O One of the best chatting app I ever used so far! Faster go download Kakao Talk and you will receive a message from Kakao Talk Malaysia with free Yuna & Big Bang Stickers.

Btw they will be giving out more stickers so remember to like KaKao Talk Malaysia FB.
You can also stand a chance to win yuna's outfit in the tv ad and album

Hell yea we gonna turn the world upside down... nah just saying lolll.

Please give me some suggestion on where should I go or must do at Tokyo ~ 
Or anyone in Tokyo wanna meet :D Let me know yo ~