To be honest, I'm a huge fan of Maggi. I once tweet about my best combi “breakfast” is actually Maggi and a cup of Milo few years back and it is still my fav. I could say my fav flavor goes to Asam Laksa but I also like the others like curry/tomyam/chicken flavor.

It is not that I want to be so thick-face but I seriously think that I cook the best maggi (soup ones); I never really like people cooking my maggi cuz I think they can't do the taste I wanted, except for my mom, she does it how I likes it #momsthebest

So here's my secret to cook the best bowl of maggi in 3 minutes.

I'm cooking a new flavor today, Maggi Royale – Penang Seafood Curry.
 For me, my maggi couldn't be complete without an egg. I'll actually go to neighbour to get eggs if I am eager to have a bowl of maggi but I don't have eggs lol.

Usually how I do is, I use my bowl to measure how much soup I want, I like my soup to taste thick so just pour a little more water to estimate that it will evaporate. Also, I uses hot water cuz I want it to boil fast.

See how big pack is the chili paste, also comes with cremer and prawn flavoring. Yums.

Put everything in when it started to boil.

So when to add the egg? Right after you feel the noodle is less hard and starting to soften. I just leave my egg at the side and continue cook my maggi.

Close the fire when you can feel the noodles are still bouncy. Noodles that are too soft will just kill the whole bowl.

And here you go, my ideal bowl of Maggi.
Look at the egg yolk *droolllll. Sorry for being full of my maggi lolll.

Soup is just nice.

Btw, I'm really impressed with this Penang Seafood Curry flavor. I think I did a great job cooking it cuz it taste like it came from penang or maybe its just Maggi did a great job on the flavor #asalways. I'm so gonna try the next one flavour in the Maggi Royale range, the Maggi Royale Korean Spicy Braised Beef! Any suggestion what should I add in? Kimchi???

You guys should really try the new Maggi Royale range too!
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Good luck :)