I'm engaged. 

I'm just as surprised as everyone else. I'm still trying to digest the fact that the man I've been dating for 5 years is now my fiancé. Trust me, I look chill af but deep down I'm overwhelmed with what happened. 

So the important question : how did the proposal happen?

On 9.28.2018, the third evening in Jaipur, I just finished a shoot with Mandy and we headed back to the lounge to meet everyone else. We chilled for awhile and headed back to our rooms to get changed for dinner. I thought I was a little overdressed in my Dior sample dress so I decided to change into something comfy, like a sportswear top kinda comfy. Everything went pretty normal during dinner and then came the dessert that we DID NOT ORDER. I thought it was free, I mean c'mon no one is going to be suspicious about free desserts. Then I saw this platter with candles coming towards us, I thought maybe they knew Han Pin's birthday is coming or something. 

I tilted my head, looked at my dessert and it says " Will You Marry Me." and it followed by the other platter with a ring sitting on it.

 "WTF. Are you serious?!?!?!?!" was my first reaction and I started tearing. Daphne had no idea about this proposal so she was in deep surprise and started crying. Brian and Leng Leng were the ones that helped him to plan this entire thing. They wanted to surprise Daphne as well. Her reaction was priceless. Mandy had 0 idea too. 

Han Pin calmed me a little and gave me a little speech, short and sweet. ( in chinese but I translated into english.)

"Baby, we have been together for 5 years, I think it's time for us to move on to another stage. We might not be at our best now, but let's work together to become better for each other." 

We walked to the outdoor area because the view is better lol. 

Well, you already know the answer.

The moment felt so unreal. Tbh, it is not easy to plan a surprise for me because 90% of the time I'll figure it out. Hence, I'm really proud of him and everyone else who make this happen.

On a side note : He kept this ring for almost 3 months without me finding out 😭 

We both would like to thank you all for the wishes. I've read every single 1.5k +++  comments and private messages. I was touched when I saw readers who have been following me for almost 10 years writing in to tell me how genuinely happy they are for me. Thank you for being around and growing up with me. I love you all. I guess now we have a lot plannings to do...

9.28.2018 - Engaged.