If i were to go to somewhere sunny, like a vacation to some beach, the ideal place to get my sun care products is always a drugstore. Like Guardian, where you get to various sun care products, in different spf (s) and pa+ (s), targeted for different usage, not only to the beach, but also indoor and outdoor activities. 

Applying sunscreen is very important to protect your skin,  the sun’s UVA can result in skin damage that increases the rate of photoageing, while UV B rays are the main culprit behind sunburn. Which leads to dark spots formation on your skin and makes your skin less bright. 

Today, I’m going to share a new brand, a new option for you to include into your sun care regime. 

Lip Hop! Formulated and made in Korea, Lip Hop provides quality and innovative products to address suncare needs. Whether you are going to the beach, or for a short swim, or just going on a shopping in the city, Lip Hop got everything covered!

From left to right :
Moisturising Lightweight Sun Protection Spray SPF50 PA++++ 
The formulation is free from PABA, parabens, artificial colorants, animal derived ingredients, mineral oil and oxybenzone, and is dermatologically tested and proven, making it comfortable.
The unique light powdery feeling provides a soft touch and helps absorb the excess sebum on your skin. Apply before makeup for a smoother, natural look. Plus, it also works as a makeup base to ensure that your look stays put all day!
( Personally thinks that it’s the most least greasy sun protection spray that you can find in the market for now. ) 

Ultra Whitening Sun Protection Lotion SPF80 PA+++
-The unique Melavoid™ Whitening Factor, a brightening active ingredient, helps reduce the appearance of dark spots and achieve bright and radiant skin. In addition, Hawthorn Berry extract helps soothe the skin after sun exposure.
-This dermatologically tested and proven, lightweight, daily or outdoor use lotion also contains Acai Berry extract which has antioxidant properties that help protect from skin damage by free radicals. Boasting a non-greasy texture, the Korean-made product provides an instant cooling effect on the skin.
( Extra tip is you're applying on the face, put a slight layer of powder after applying and you’re good to go! )

Super Defence EX Sun Protection Milk SPF115 PA+++
-The Nano Double Anti-UV Defence formula effectively defends and absorbs UVA and UVB rays simultaneously to protect from harmful sun damage, leaving your skin with a natural finish.
It contains natural herbale xtracts with strong antioxidant properties to help prevent photo ageing including the formation of fine lines, roughness and dullness. 
It also taps on the power of Hyaluronic Acid – the ultimate moisturiser for deep hydration, keeping your skin supple and fresh


Lip Hop also has a range of head-to-toe Face & Body Gel Collection and also Happy Cleanse Range! 

Yes when I say head-to-toe, Lip Hop k-care Aqua Jelly Hair, Face & Body Gel Collection offers 8-in-1 multi-functional k-care innovation from head-to-toe! With high moisturise content of the water-based formulation that is enriched with nourishing botanical extracts.:

1. Moisturising gel or mask pack for dry facial skin.

2. Make-up base for a luminous face. 

3. Acts as an after-shave gel for your face, legs and underarms to soothe and 

moisturise sensitive skin.

4. Suitable to be used as a hair treatment without any stickiness.

5. Acts as a mask pack to rehydrate skin after sun exposure.

6. Keeps your nails moisturised and nourished.  

7. All-over moisturiser that is ideal for those working in air-conditioned environment. Lip Hop Aqua Jelly even relaxes area around your eyes by applying it with a piece of cotton. 

8. Acts as a lip moisturiser to sooth and chapped lips.

Lip Hop HAPPYCLEANSE that is made in Korea. K:skin and k:care are the skincare trends that are sweeping Korea, featuring skin care that cleanses and moisturises without 

Comes in five variants to meet different skin needs (from left to right ) : Ultra-Soothing Aloe Vera Cleansing Gel, Deep-Cleansing Bamboo Charcoal Foam Cleanser, Moisturising Manuka Honey Cleaning Gel, Sebum-Control Amazon Clay Foam Cleanser, Antioxidant Green Team Foam Cleanser. 

My favourite goes to the Moisturising Manuka Honey Cleaning Gel. 

Specially formulated with Soapwort Water, this variant is set to protect tired skin from environmental factors, leaving your skin moist and refresh after use.
All products are available in Guardian Healthy & Beauty outlets.

If you’re interested to try the products out – beside buying them from the drugstore; I am giving away 1 set of Lip Hop products worth RM280!

All you have to do is to answer the following questions:
Name 2 products out of the series
What is my favourite product
Which product do you want to try the most and why?

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