Seems like "20 facts about Me." is trending in instagram and I've been tagged in idk more than 20 people so I decided to blog about it instead! I think most people thought they know me but honestly, everything on the internet about me is the part where I show you and there's things I keep it low, I mean the internet is dangerous! I hope people should learn not to judge a person on what they show on the internet.

20 Facts About Me :

1. I have two tattoos, got one when I was 18 written "peace" on my right pelvic and another one is a bff tattoo, got it recently with Daphne, written "blessed." at my left ribs near my boobs loll.

2. I love sneakers more than heels. Thank god that my feet is big enough to wear men's shoes.

3. To me, guys who wears a nice pair of shoes makes a big impression.

4. I can not stand people who put their chopsticks into their bowl. I just can't. I will just pick it up and put it on the bowl. (not sure if you understands but it's a chinese thing)

5. Fashion & music plays a big role in my life.

6. I love Chuck Bass.

7. My surname is Lau. The "chuck" behind my Jane it's because of Chuckei and Chuck Bass and it sounds like 7 in Cantonese.

8. I hate it when I see cartoons on tv with their dubbed alternate language voice. I just can't.

9. I love reading inspirational articles or quotes. Which explains why I sleep so late every night.

10. If i ever get proposed, I will never want a big one, like those you see trending on facebook. NEVER. Best is when there's only two of us. Hope my future boyfriend sees this so he won't f*ck things up lololll.

11. I love cuddling. I miss cuddling.

12. Believes in karma. Always do good and good will come to you *ohmmm*

13. I regret doing the Gwiyomi thing. 

14. I just started getting use to the taste of vegetables, I used to hate them but now I can actually eat the vegetables in my sandwhich lolololll.

15. Happy being single but I wish I could get married before 28.

16. Love conversations about life, love being inspired and being inspirtational.


18. Don't really cry, I think the last time I cried was my break up in May. I think I cry less than 5 times in a year.

19. Owns a stubborn heart.

20. Okay I like my left face more than my right.

I finally made it! It took me an hour to think 20 facts about me omg. I think there's more about me but I don't know how to put it in words. haha. Okay 21. should be bad in describing stuff. haha.