Surpriseeeeeeee! I saved this story for my blog on purpose so it's easier for everyone.

Before I start talking about my surgery, some of you might not know what's an accessory axillary breast. It's basically an extra tissue that grows around the armpit area, too me, it's more like a side boob. I had this problem since young, most likely cause of me not wearing the right bra when I was going through puberty, else I might have bigger boobs today. Sads. 

These two bulges on both side of my armpits ( left side's bigger ) were the reason why I rarely wear tube tops or sleeveless clothes. I've tried many ways, wearing the right bra, doing push ups, using tape to tape them in. It doesn't really work for me, the only temporary way to cheat my own feelings was to use photoshop to make them look okay in pictures. 

I did a lot of research on reducing axillary breasts, and the most effective way was removing it surgically. Yep. I did mention on my ig stories when someone asked me what is my biggest flaw / insecurities. 

So how it happened. Last month, my boyf decided to go Seoul to get his tattoo done by @Oozy_tattoo , we were suppose to go join Ashley & Blink for his gig at a music fest, but I ended up getting my axillary breast removed!!!! It wasn't really a last minute plan, I asked for recommendation through my korean friend Heena weeks before and she introduced me to HERSHE Plastic Surgery & Dermatology. I felt safer when it comes to her recommendation, well at least I know I wouldn't end up getting conned by the internet or what so. Apparently this place is pretty famous, heard that many celebrities got their job done here too lol. They have consultant who speaks perfect english and chinese.

Basically I had to remove them surgically by opening a 3+ cm incision on both sides. Doctor will then take off the tissues and it will take about an hour time. I did my surgery the next day after my consultation. I had also made a request to do inner stitching on my incisions so I don't need to remove the stitches after a week.

About my surgery..

I was told not to eat or drink the night before, for anesthesia purposes. That way pretty okay, pretty chill until I realised it's surgery day. Boyf accompanied me to the place and trust me, I WAS F*CKING TERRIFIED when they told him to go walk around and come back later. Doctor did some drawings on the areas that should be removed and then it's time to walk into the surgery room. I was topless lying on the surgery bed. The nurses cleaned the areas and also got my blood test for allergy purposes. Then, they poked the needle into my vein where they will start injecting the local anesthesia after doctor comes it....

Next thing I know, my surgery was done. 


It was so casual, the whole surgery took less than an hour? I was told to bed rest for another hour, pick up some medicines and off, I'm free to go. Boyf came to pick me up and the next thing we were having lunch at School Food and went shopping around Garosul-gil. My armpits were wrapped in bandages that can only be taken off the next day. I was told not to lift heavy or sweat/sauna/swim the following month, so work out for me :/

It's the best decision I had ever made. 

This is me, about a month after my surgery at Adidas fitcation lol. 
Can't really tell where my incisions at right?

The results is drastic. I am currently using Bio Oil for anti scarring on my incisions and hopefully they will heal perfectly. Btw, for those who are interested, here's the website of the place I did my surgery :
( My surgery cost about RM3000+  )