Does anyone feel that 24 hours a day is not enough for us? I always hope that I have more than 24 hours a day so I could spend more time on more things; especially when you are a girl. I honestly think that girls waste more time than guys do cuz we need to do our hair, make up, facial, shopping..

Just imagine the time a girl needs to prepare for a date, compare to a guy who just need to take a shower and do his hair.

Fact is, we spend this much of time doing....

Totally grabbed these from Kotex One Minute Time Out challenge..
I took the challenge and I literally ticked everything.. #typicalgirl

Results is....

You all should go and take the challenge to see who can beat mine lol. Btw, you might stand a chance to win prizes worth up to RM10,000!!!

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I'm not sure whether you girls have the habit of using pantyliners or not, but I hope you do take care of your V-jay jay.

3 types of Kotex Fresh Plus pantyliners with 3X Defense against bacteria, yeast & odor.

Fyi, the liners helps to prevent growth of bacteria ( including odor-causing bacteria) and yeast, however, not clinically proven to prevent infection. Comes in 3 types, Ultra V-Care, Gentle Care and Designs. Love its breathability function and the liners are comfortable to use.

I use them daily, pre and post period so I won't waste my pad. And even if I forget to use it one day, I actually have at least 1 or 2 pantyliners in my bag so I can use or change when I'm out. One other thing why I insist to use pantyliners besides of the benefits to my V, it’s because I love my panties.lollll I mean I have a thing for cute panties so I wouldn't want to destroy them.

Who say pantyliners can't be cute!!!

Anyways, you can get them from almost everywhere...major supermarkets, hypermarkets, Watsons, Guardian...etc

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