Everyone been asking why didn't I update my blog, I felt really guilty to be honest. I'm not sure since when I lost my inspiration to blog, I just wasn't in the mood to. Saying that I don't have time to blog, sometimes I think I'm just making excuses, but I do need some time to blog. I can actually just upload pictures with caption and publish. But I just can't. I can't accept un-edited pictures, not because my camera is not good, just that I always need to edit the colors and tones of the pictures before posting it. It's a Jane thing. I think it's a virgo thing again loll.

Today, I'm gonna update about my Perth trip! It was a real rush trip but it's surely an amazing one. Believe it or not, I flew all the way to Perth just for Beyonce!!!!! Big thanks to Pepsico Malaysia. How I wish I could extend my trip but my schedule was so pack :/ 

Also thanks to my baby Daphne for bringing me around Perth thou it's just a really quick tour.

I still couldn't believe that I've experience the power of Queen B. I mean watching Beyonce's live performance is totally inside everyone's MUST-DO-BEFORE-DIE list. I can't tell how lucky am I. It's going to be one of the most memorable moment in my life. Her performance was crazy, I can't find a powerful word to describe it,but  I can tell you that watching her performing live made me cry. I just don't know why I teared but it's just amazing. Her dance, her voice.... 

Seriously, it was like a dream.

It was such a sad thing that she couldn't make it to Malaysia the last time, I really hope someday she get to come so us Malaysians get to experience it too.