Birthday post again!I know right,I totally celebrated my birthday for 5 times and everything was planned quite last minute.This post is gonna be my last birthday celebration with my babes @ La Vie en Rose.(I still have celebration round 2 and round 3 to blog!!!) It's a private birthday dinner for my girlfriends only, our tradition to have this private dinner for us on each of our birthdays.

Me and Nana found La Vie en Rose through a food blog and it seems that they had quite good comments so we decided to have my private birthday dinner there!La Vie en Rose located at Raja Chulan, we spend quite some time to find where is it cuz it's almost middle of no where...or maybe I never really go around Raja Chulan area so I'm kinda lost.

La Vie en Rose serves french so I think it's a very romantic place.lolll.Since some of you suggested me to list out the price...I couldn't food price is medium-high depends on what you order.
 We actually brought champange but seems they don't allow outside it for next day!
 Escargots for entrĂ©e.This is really good!I'm a huge fan of escargots and this is just nice.Not to heavy for a starter.
 Mushroom soup. (I don't remember the names cuz it's all in french if I'm not wrong)
 Sauteed Chicken + Bacon + Cream for me and Leng Leng.Omg Im so bad in food names.
Liza and Daphne ordered Duck Shank, from what daphne the future chef said, it's really well cooked.
 Nana order duck also, she want it well done so I think it'll taste better if it's medium cook.
 Ratatouille and mashed potato!SUPER GOOD.
 Let's eat!!!!!!!!! and we're done eating so pics of the day.. Yes!My baby girl Daphne is back from Perth for 2 weeks.Apparently she didn't really gain any weight, but, still looking hot!!
 Both of us decided to wear flats cuz we're the tallest.hahahhaha.btw I didn't take a pic for OOTD,so this is the only full body shot.
Wearing River Island dress, ASOS Necklace and Neon flats from china.
 My lovely Liza.
 Snow white LengLeng.Hate how she never get tan and she don't use sunblock!!

Lastly, group pic!

Okay, I will do a blog post for pressie I received soon so stay tuned!!!!

BTW, here's one of my birthday pressie..
Bed full of new toys!!!!Look familiar huh!!
They're the cartoons from Line and Instagram icon toy.So cute right :D Plus quality damn good unlike those cheap toys that will burst into
Anyway,thanks to Jerry and Evonne for all of them ~
Can get them from or call 0391344052 (Limited stocks only)