LOOK AT MY FACE!!!!!YESSS!!Finally blogging about my birthday presents!I know right,I cheated a blog post again,hahaha but I know most of you are interested with what I got this year!

Birthday presents are the best part of the birthday, eventhou I know getting the right presents for friend as their birthday present is a pain in the ass cuz you will be afraid that what if they don't like it.Sometimes I really hope that they just tell me what they want,lollll but if they tell me what they want then no more surprise already.SO RIGHT, birthdays are so complicated.BUT IN THE END, it's not about what you buy, it's about your heart, even if a birthday card. (wow it rhymes...) 

Okay, you prolly already scroll down and see what I got without reading..fml.hahhahaha...
 Lil sister Ashley bought me this Zara Studded clutch.It's the most expensive thing she ever bought for me so I'm really shock she bought it cuz she's a very kiam siap person.LOLLLLLLL  love you sis thou I remember you didn't buy me birthday present last year HAHAAHHHAHA

 Anna Sui perfume from my highschool sweeties.I never really expect a birthday present from them so when they gave it to me I was really really happy and somehow guilty cuz we didn't really had our September babies birthday celebration this year :( CHERINE AND CHARMAYNE!! I OWE U BOTH PRESENTS SO REMEMBER TO REDEEM FROM ME.hahahahha.I'm serious!!

 Cherrie and Evangeline's.I didn't open the present until today cuz the packaging is tooo cuteeee!!!I always love skin food stuff cuz I actually tasted their mask before and it's good.No,I dont mean tested,I acutally tasted their mask and it's tasted really good...hahahha don't try at home,I wont guarantee anything.They got me the Snail mask thingy!!!!Happy girl cuz this snail thing is quite famous recently no idea why so I wanna try too.Thank you to my fav duo!!!

 THIS IS THE MOST EXPENSIVE PRESENT I EVER GET FROM A FRIEND T.T My very first YSL ring!Thank you my baby girl Javene, I was gonna tear when you asked me to open on the spot.Somehow I really wish it's fake but it's not so next year I'm gonna be super stressful what to buy for you liao, love you much baby j.

 This present is a very casual present from my baby girl Daphne.HAHAHA why do I say it's casual cuz she asked me what I want else she will buy Naked Palette 2 for me.I told her that I'm really happy that she came back just in time for my birthday so don't need to buy anything and I really mean it.End up she bought Naked Palette 2 for me.lol.Silly girl!!!

 Herve Leger inspired dress from my D's - Natsaw and Nana!I got this very random too cuz Natalie asked me to go to her friend's shop to try some dress.I thought that her friend wants to sponsor me dress or something to promote her stuff so I really went to try.I misunderstood the whole situation and I actually choose one of the most expensive one, cost around RM400+++ for this dress and end up Nat was paying for it.Apparently she brought me up to choose my birthday present and I don't know about it.I WAS SO SHOCK AND PANIC I TOLD HER DONT BUT CUZ ITS TOO EXPENSIVEEEEEEE for a dress!!!! In the end she and Nana share and bought it for me as my birthday present *tears of happiness and guiltiness *

Babe Liza, Leng Leng and Vivi got me this Victoria Secret set of panties and body stuff.HAHAHAH It's so weird to receive panties from my girlfriends but it's really sweet to think about their expression when they were choosing the patterns for me.Can't believe my first Victoria Secret panties are from them cuz I always think that they are too pricey for a piece of fabric.Maybe I shall love myself more.hahhaa.Anyway,LOVE U ALL deep deep!

Lastly...present from the boyfie....
Some of you got the it right!The boyfie got me a new camera, Sony NEX-F3 as my present :D Okay he actually got it 2 weeks earlier before my birthday but I didn't reveal it until today!So pictures taken on September are all using this that's why you can see so many nice selca pics!hahahha!!! I IZ HAPPY GIRL!!!!! Thank you baby boy,love you so much... don't wanna say so many geli things here later no one wanna read my blog dy!Hehehe.

That's all for my birthday present post!!!!
I still got one more birthday post I haven blog..still thinking whether should I blog or not...haha bye.