This is gonna be another mouth full of saliva post. YES, FOOD POST STRIKES AGAIN! I mentioned that I manage to visit 2 out of 4 Bangkok places in my list, one was the one i blogged about previously, Mango Tango and I'm gonna blog about the other one today. Yayyyy... or nayyyy for the ones who are hungry right now :X

After You @ Siam Paragon was top in my list because I've seen tons of Thai chicks posted about it on instagram. Yes, I follow alot of super hot Thai chicks, Idk why they're not only hot but they're also damn rich. like DAAAAMNNNNNNNN. Okay that's not the point, the point is After You seems to be highly rated by these socialites. From my research, it seems that you have to que everytime to get into this cafe so I was quite scare if there's a long que the boyfie wouldn't want to wait :X

LUCKY US. We didn't have to wait for a single minute to get a table. (Prolly it's dinner time so no one wants to eat desserts on dinner time )

After You are famous for their honey toast..

  Their cakes look really yummy too.

Somehow it's quite similar to Taiwan's Dazzling Cafe.

Me and Ashley were busy choosing toast, we planned to order 2 to share..we didn't realize that the boyfies went to order their cakes already....
 Chocolate Brownies

Matcha Crepe Cake

 Chocolate Strawberry Toast.

Matcha Toast.

I was quite shock when it came, the portion was quite big. People around us kinda gave us the wtf look cuz the portion for ONE toast is enough for THREE people. We coudln't finish the toast :(

I personally think that their toast is a lil bit too sweet. Ashley say it's really good so you can go try when you're in Bangkok. From the boyfriends opinion, the cakes are really good too!! But to be honest, I prefer Dazzling's honey toast more than this...ugh... talking about it makes me miss Dazzling T.T

Hope you enjoy drolling over your laptop/keyboard. heh! :P