Good Morning It's 3am right now in Bangkok and I don't wanna sleep thou I'm really sleepy right now. Going back to KL on Saturday already which means I only have one more day to spend (tomorrow). Time passes so fast, it passes even faster when we're enjoying life lolll.

A lil Bangkok trip update, day two outfit fashion :

LUCKYME top from Platinum Mall //  Zara Striped Pants //  Spitfire Shades // Skull Necklace from Siam Square // Red Vivienne Westwood X Melissa flats

Make up of the day :
Orange-red lips again, using 3CE lipstick code 401. My friend who is studying in Taiwan helped me to get it from stylenanda website cuz their shipping fee to Taiwan is alot cheaper. I'm not sure if there's another way to buy it other than their website :(

Back to topic, we decided to go Asiatique that night. I've been to Asiatique last year but I think I didn't blog about it so there are some random pictures taken last year.loll.

 If you go to Bangkok, Asiatique is a must visit place. It's one of my fav place ever since the first time I visit on June 2012. I remember the place wasn't fully opened yet, but I was already amazed with their set up. 

Thai food everyday loll 


Happy Lemon. Their milk tea taste really good cuz it's not too sweet.

Some pics taken on June 2012 :

Okay, gonna crash now, need to save some energy for the last day! xx