Hello everyone, it's another late night post. I am actually quite afraid that my midnight blogging habit will cause side effects. This year, my skin became more sensitive than ever. I had rashes randomly appear some part of my body and I have no idea what am I allergic to. It's either I'm allergic to something or my hormones had something to do with. I REALLY NEED TO SLEEP EARLY but sometimes I just cant't :/

Anyway my skin have nothing to do with this blog post. This is actually another random hair tutorial blog post. Wasn't planning to do a hair tutorial until someone wanted this hair tutorial after I posted a pic in instagram..

Apparently this hair style is actually a very random one. I was thinking that it's so bored to have my hair down while wearing a cap so why not tying it up to create a casual cool look. Cool as in try'na be swag lollll.

So I did a very random side hair bun which I think it looks good with cap.

All you need is a rubber band and here's how :

Just keep on rolling your hair to a bun and tie it up. Suppose to look messy I guess. lol
And sorry for the awkward dance cuz the video is quite short.

Lastly, wearing..
OATW Cap (can get it from boundlezz)  // Nakedkimchi Top // H&M Pants // Handcuff from Bangkok

Hope you enjoy ♡