It was boyfie's birthday celebration last Sunday. I planned a surprise party for him but plan failed. Don't want to mention how it failed and I just realize it's really hard to plan a surprise party. Especially when the boyfie is so smart he can guess something it's wrong when I'm acting odd. 

I decided to celebrate his birthday @Daikanyama, Changkat with the close bunch. Been to this place once for supper after Nuffnang 6th birthday and their sake bomb maki is what I came back for.Yes, I started eating sushi after my first attempt ( tamago mentai sushi ). MEANS I CAN NOW SURVIVE IN JAPAN lollll. I think boyfie loves me more right now cuz I used to hate sushi and he had to eat them alone...

Sake Maki Bomb.

Pan Fried Beef + Wafu Sauce is really good too! 

Salmon Fried Rice will taste better if it's more dry. The fried rice is a lil bit to moist..

Garlic Fried Rice was good thou.

Fried Chicken Wing.

There's more food but I was too busy eating :X

I did pull off a small surprise for him by getting him a Arale cake!
Thanks to Cake Homemade for their effort!!!!! 
THE CAKE IS SO SO SO PRETTY. It looks exactly like the figure. Details and everything are so well made.

Boyfie was really surprise when he saw the cake. 
Boyfie is a fan of 小雲 (Arale) and 小吉 but I decided to have Arale only cuz I think it's too much work for them to make both. lollll


Hohoho Birthday Boy murdered Arale on the spot.. I can feel his heartache.. Sorry Arale...

We actually had a group shot but it's blur and some of them blinked their eyes :( wasteddddd.
 Selca pic instead.hahaha.

Once again, Happy Birthday BB ♡