When I was 19, I hope I stayed 19 forever, I don't want to grow up, I don't feel like facing the world, I don't want to think, but time never stops, I'm already 21 right now ( officially 21 after this September ). I mean some people says 21 is still young. Yea, I was once 19 and guess what 2 years just passed like that. I thought I just changed my blogskin yesterday but it was almost 2 years ago. Sometimes I really want to run away from this world, but the fact is, you can't run away from reality.

I'm growing up, so many thoughts on mind. So many things I that I used to convince myself when I was 19 became bullshits cuz when you grow up, you have more thoughts. Started to think about consequences of each and every steps, started to think about each and every path may build a different future. What do I want? What do I really need?

Yea, I might be only 21 right now, prolly to early to be serious for anything but life's a bitch. I don't want to just sit and wait for time to make decisions for me. I don't wan't when a tornado hits I have no shelter to hide or should I want something better than just a shelter. I need to build. Starting from now.

I'm planning, I'm making plans, I'm taking the move. 

Now I just hope to become someone who I imagined. I need to become that person. Better than her.
Life, can't wait to meet'em b*tches.

 Topshop crop top // H&M pants // Little Bit outer