Hello loves, today is gonna be a product review and girls who love being beautiful you might be interested. I received 6 boxes of Fairy Beauty drinks, 3 of each Fairy Whitez and Fairy Blossom 2 weeks ago and today I'm gonna share with you how do I feel after consuming both in alternate mornings for two weeks. ( fyi, it's not recommended to take both in once, at least 6 hours gap between )

I even did a chinese vlog review of Fairy Beauty.

For those who don't understand chinese, I was saying that even if cosmetics or iphone apps can cheat people to think we look good but in real life, every girl wants a beautiful skin. So instead of spending in cosmetics, why not trying to improve our outlook inside out.... 

Now let me introduce you ...

Fairy Whitez
( I can never get fair enough so I AM SO IN LOVE WITH THIS. )

Fairy Blossom
( Fyi, I go through ms pain every month, last month I almost fainted in a Bangsar and I thought I was going to die. Also, I want bigger boobs. Lolll. I mean it's good for all girls )

They are all made with Natural Ingredients..

Dark circles is still there but I think it's less red.

Personally think that my skin looks more radiant and I HAVE NATURAL BLUSH NOW.
I thought it was the hot weather, but my cheeks are still pinkish when I'm in the air conditioned room.

To be honest, when I finish one box of Fairy Whitez I thought I wasn't gonna continue cuz it looks like not much difference, but since I already got 3 box, I shall just continue... I think I started feeling the improvements after the 2nd box. CANT WAIT TO SEE HOW IS IT AFTER 4 weeks!!!!

As for Fairy Blossom, I think my boobs are slightly firm, not sure whether they grew bigger, didn't really give hope on them lolll. Anyway, I'm having PMS right now, hopefully when it comes I wont feel the pain anymore *finger crossed.

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