Ohai! I know most of you wanted to know how did I do my eyelid since I have inner eyelid.I actually did a tutorial post 2 years ago, you can read it here . I did a lot of experiments on eyelid tapes to achieve the most invisible look and I find Amour double eyelid tape is my favourite among others. It's very long lasting and also it looks really invisible. Alot of people I met didn't know I actually use eyelid tape for my double eyelid.

Nah my very inner eyelid :( I really have to urge to do double eyelid surgery... I don't want those over high one, just do like how I use to stick is enough T.T I personally find it very normal to do eyelid surgery just that Idk why some people make it a big deal... I normally go out use double eyelid tape also mah, what's the difference? I can never go out without double eyelid tape :/

Here's my usual step :
I cut it into a very thin tape to get the most natural looking eyelid.

I didn't put any eyeshadow and it looks almost invisible already!

Fyi, you can get Amour Eyelid Tape from Chinkie Candy FB .I know there's alot look alike selling outside but I can tell you that Chinkie Candy sells the best quality!
So if you're interested, get it from : https://www.facebook.com/chinkiecandy?fref=ts

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I'll be coming to Penang for this Generation Beauty talk this 2nd of June! For those who wonder what it is, it's something like 女人我最大 just that you get to see it live! I'll be sharing my personal favorites and also there will be photo taking session la if you wanna take pic with me.. so if you wanna bring your cameras feel free to bring thou I prefer iphone cuz I look not so nice in super clear pics lollllll.

Program : 
10am - Registration
11am - Event starts
- Speech by dear organizers
- Speech by Maggie Fong
- Mork Cheque Presentation
- Dolly Wink Make Up Demo
- Shape Up Make Up Demo
- Eyebrow and Kiss Me Lips Make Up Tutorial
- Get to know the famous bloggers
- Lucky winner makeover
- VIP bloggers' bag raid activity
-Lucky Draw
- Photo session *we have photo booth fun*
- Free & easy

 You can purchase ticket through email : glamourousnetowork@gmail.com (name, ic and phone number)

Or by COD (meet up) method with Christer at...

20/5/2013 Monday - Starbucks Gurney Shopping Mall (7pm-9pm)
21/5/2013 Tuesday - Starbucks Gurney Shopping Mall (2pm - 4pm)

22/5/2013 Wednesday - Starbucks Gurney Shopping Mall (2pm-4pm)

   Looking forward to see you guys so please come!!!!!