Hi Hi! Today I'm going to share with you two new products that I bought recently which I highly recommend to girls who are looking for a new foundation / BB cream and also for girls who want K-look fair complexion :D

The secret is from Laneige! I am a huge fan of Laneige and I've been using their water sleeping pack since 2 years ago! 2 weeks ago, I decided to try their award-winning product, Laneige BB Cushion and I am in love with it!

One of the most “high-tech” compact / BB cream I ever seen lolll. It's not like the normal compact or BB cream you see outside, it's actually a liquid BB filled sponge, using the air pump technology, it dispenses a thin layer of liquid BB onto the puff. All you have to do is pat all over your face, slowly add 1 or 2 layers for more coverage with a natural smooth finish.

It wins my heart cuz it's not only a cosmetic product but it's also has skin care benefits ! Plus it's so easy to use cuz it comes in a compact with puff and I won't have “creamy fingers” after using it. I do bring along everywhere for touch up too!

Soothing Effect & Hydration
It helps to retain moisture by up to 30 per cent more so your skin feels refreshed and soothed! Its instant cooling sensation makes it an ideal touch-up tool because it reduces skin temperature by 3°C (great news for fatigued skin!)

It contains White Plus Renew Complex™ which is made up by silymarin, bead tree and y-PGA. This unique combo of ingredients reduces production of melanin to prevent dullness, remove dead skin cells, and restore skin elasticity for brighter clearer skin.

SPF50+ PA+++
Powerful sunscreen protects you from the sun by blocking out damaging  UV rays that cause premature skin aging

Skin Tone Correction

It creates an elastic barrier that blocks perspiration and sebum. Perfect for our hot Malaysian weather!

Highly recommended to BB cream users

Besides that, I finally stepped out from my 3-step-skincare routine ( cleanse – tone – moisturize) and got myself the new Laneige White Plus Renew Original Essence. I used to think that I'm too young to use essence but then I'm like 21 now :/ Apparently my usual 3-step regime couldn't really save my uneven skin tone so I decided to give this bottle of essence a go. It is, after all, it's SHK's must have beauty item :D

I used to think that whitening products are very dry but Laneige White Plus Renew Original Essence not only address skin whitening but also provides hydration !When skin is more hydrated, melanin formation slows down; skin’s surface layer appears with a healthy and radiant glow, as dullness is reduced. Skin also absorbs the nutrients better from skincare products while effectively brightens skin tone. Melacrusher™ actively removes the Melanin Veil for a flawless, brigher complexion in just 2 weeks!! I saw the difference in my skin :D

6 Benefits
Achieve beautiful and radiant skin, via 6 functions: Luster, Moisture, Brightness, Evens Skin Tone, Slows Melanin Rate and Reduces Dullness.
It's also suitable for sensitive skin as it's free from 4 harmful elements; Paraben, Animal Products, Artificial Pigments and Mineral Oil.

If you're a Laneige fan like me or you are interested to try Laneige, I've got some good news! Laneige is having a global blogger contest where bloggers will get a free make over with Laniege and also stand a chance to win an ambassador contract with Laneige!

All you have to do is Blog about your favorite Laneige skincare & Make up product, 10 winners from each country will be shortlisted and invited to a makeover session with Laneige.

During this makeover session there will be experts conducting the makeovers and photographs/videos will be taken of the bloggers.After the makeover session, the 10 winners will be asked to recreate their K-beauty looks in a blog post. This blog post will be featured on the Laneige site where people can vote for their favorite look.

The microsite will host 10 contestants from each country (total of 4 countries). At the end of the competition, FOUR (out of all 40) bloggers will win the ambassador contract with Laneige. It will be base on local country winners.. Each country will pick their own LANEIGE Ambassador for their own country

Contest info here : http://blog.nuffnang.com.my/2013/05/20/in-the-search-of-laneige-k-beauty-blogger/

For more info, visit :  www.laneige.com // www.laneige.com.my // http://www.facebook.com/laneigemalaysia