Today is Papa Lau and Mama Lau's 30th Anniversary and yes, it falls on wesak day! Had a small celebration dinner @Yuzu KLCC yesterday instead cuz Papa Lau has to go back to China today again :'(

I'm really fortunate to have them in my life, thou my dad only comes back once 1 or 2 months but I can still feel his love each and everyday hehehe. I also know that my mom wechat my dad almost everyday so cute. Hope my future husband is like my dad cuz I'm exactly like my mom lollll.

Anyway, here are some food we had..
Daddy's favourite Oysters...

Papa Lau also had Salmon Terriyaki set.

Fusion sushi set for me. Taste really good! The mango one is quite interesting tho..

  I know right, I used to hate sushi and now I'm craving for it....  And yea ordered Salmon Shioyaki too!

Mummy's Chicken Terriyaki set. 

Sometime I think my mom would be a very good blogger cuz she takes pictures 24/7..lolll

Idk what does the name of this set of food but you know it's Ashley's when it comes HUGE portion


Anyway, we had a great dinner :D  

 Happy 30th Anniversary Papa & Mama love ~

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Just done watching the last episode of Vampire Diaries season 4 and I kinda shed a tear in a few scenes...

Imagine a heartless Klaus that said things like that... it's better than the normal I love you. MELTTTT

 That priceless expression Damon had when Elena said that. I'm really sad for Stefan :(

Can't wait for season 5!!!! After watching VD, sometimes I hope that I'm a vampire, that'll be awesomeeee.... and no, not twilight type of vampire.