My love Daphne came back just in time, she never been to a rave party so we decided to go Dash Berlin @ Sepang as her comeback party lolll. All thanks to mr superstar Leonard for getting us tickets!! We were kinda late cuz I sorta got lost going Sepang. Blame Waze for leading me to Nilai. Looking at the bright side, we manage to passby Mc Donald's and grabbed some yummeh nuggets while we're lost. Well you can't party with an empty tummy :P

Dash Berlin was on deck while we're in. We actually started partying outside when we're in line to get in. Glad that we're all in the mood yooo...

 Yea I kissed her 1038728319 times that night. 


 Someone tryna steal my beer.

Outfit :
MNG crop top, Forever 21 shorts, AZS BADMANinPARIS cap (can get it at Boundlezz Sg Wang) , Converse shoes.

That wasn't the end, we actually went home to change and off to the next round at Phuture. It was one crazy night with ma girls.