Finally get to update about my project with Ford!!! I can't describe how weird and amazing to see myself on the newspapers, it's one of the biggest thing ever happen to me. Appearing not as a model, but a personality, being me, myself as a fashion lover. All thanks to Ford for having me!

Wonder if you guys remember about My Fiesta Movement challenge, I finally get to meet the #Fashionista winner last week. Fyi, the winner for each catergory gets to win Meet & Greet passes for Likin Park's concert and also become the face across Ford adverts with me * shyyy *

Winners for #MyFiestaMovement and the girl with tattoos, Jsezy Ng is the Fashionista Winner!

Why Jsezy? I personally have a thing for tattoos, and girl with tattoos is so so so cool! She has the style, the personality, the tattoos, I couldn't find anything that why I shouldn't pick her. I'm glad to meet her in person last week at the photoshoot for the upcoming Ford ads!

Here's a tiny lil sneak peak...
Basically I'm the sweet chick and she's the rocker chick. It's quite funny cuz the photographer wants me to do all k-pop ish thing, which is so not me but I guess I pulled off! I'm more the cool chick type of girl actually :P Jsezy was in a struggle at first but she did a great job after warming up. I think we did a real great job!

I can't wait to see the outcome, it's going to be on banner and stuff like that, I can't reveal much but stay tuned with Ford Facebook Page! For more info about the New Ford Fiesta, log on to