Elegantolgy event strikes again! This time, it was the launch of Elegantology's New Collection fashion event @ Publika. I was invited with a few other nuffnang bloggers including my babe Nana, Michelle kins, Bobo Stephanie, Joyce the fairy, Sunshine Kelly and also Huiwen. Not sure where is the group pic, I guess I'll just have to wait for it to be uploaded on Elegantology Facebook.

Can't believe I get to go my second Elegantology event so soon, but it's cool to know that Elegantology is always up to date. Well, no one should not know about Elegantology I say. It's the town's IT event!!
Our outfit of that night.

Elegantology always serves good food, even all these finger food taste super good. I swear that I finished almost the whole tray lolll.

It's awesome to know that we all were in the vip list and us vips get to enjoy the front row seats at the fashion show!

Selca before the show starts!

Elegantology's New Collection Fashion Show features a few greatest local designer in town : 
Beatrice Looi, Ian Chang, Hayden Koh, Daniel Chong, Jason Zeck Lee, Joe Chia, Justin Yap & Venie Tee.

Each designer gets to collaborate with a celebrity/personality to open their show. Tracy Cheong is opening for Venie Tee.

Here are some blur shots from my camera :

My personal favorite has to go to Joe Chia, unfortunately he didn't get to join the fashion show that night :( Anyway, you can check out the whole collection on Elegantology's facebook.

Besides the awesom fashion show, the vips were invited to an after show dinner at Elegantology Gallery & Restaurant. Everyone was anticipating the 5-course-dinner prepard by Elegantology. The Asian Food Channel (AFC) was there too to film the event!

Didn't know the set up inside was so beautiful

Bobo & I

Fyi, Elegantology serves an Ever-Changing Menu, two local celebrity chefs, Sherson Lian and Johnny Fua, who constantly refresh the menu through collaborations with rising guest chefs. Using only the best ingredients, the kitchen keeps the menu evolving to create new dining experiences.

Here's what we had :

Air Dried Beef Wrapped Pencil Asparagus.

Yukon Potato & Naganegi Hearty Soup with Foie Gras.

Passion Fruit Sherbet

Pan Fried Cod Roulade with Lemon Thime Creme


We had a really great time enjoying the wondeful dinner, all thanks to Elegantology for having us. Hope we all get to join more Elegantology events in the future. Don't forget to like Elegantology Facebook for more awesome Elegantolgy events updates