It's not really Halloween till Thursday but people tend to celebrate it on a weekend don't they? Last year's Halloween was one really memorable one, but this year, I decided to join Yaasui's YALLOWEEN party @ 69 bistro since we didn't have time to plan our own party. I was invited as a Guest DJ that night, yes for those who didn't know, I started to do dj gigs on events, taking it as a super fun hobby.

Last year I was a wizard girl, I was so busy recently, I didn't get to rent a costume so I decided to go as Wednesday Addams, one of my fav childhood icon. Posted a pic on FB, apparently a lot of people mistaken my outfit as The Orphan. I guess those who got right came from the same era or older era :/

I personally think I did a great job :P especially the hair, I purposely draw the M illusion on my forhead. Also, thanks to my sis, Jill for helping me to get someone to tailor the collar.

:D :D :D

Okay,  I'll just make this a photo post. ..
( I'm a total Kristen Stewart in this post cuz expression will ruin Wednesday lololll)
 Partner in crime, Nana as a ghost bride.

 Meow Nanny.


Hell Gyaru.

Honestly this freaked me a lot.

I couldn't recall their character!! From some fantasy game is it?

If you realize there's a guy at the right lololll.


  Real life pop art.


Hottest couple in the house. Like real hot, hot.

DJ Foulworks & DJ Wednesday Addams

Amazed by all the costumes, there's so much more diff dress ups from the pictures I posted. A lil sad about the sound system tech problem but overall, it was a great party! One thing I must say that I love Yaasui parties cuz almost everyone dress up! It's hard to get a party that everyone is comfortable dressing up as anything they wanted to. Keep it up YAASUI!!!!

Btw, did a lil impromptu after party photoshoot with Tony...
Can't wait to see more pics!!!