No one is perfect and of course, no one can be but this doesn't make an excuse for not making an effort to become better and greater. Applies to both physically and mentally. It's cruel to say that when reality strikes, physical appearance does matters.  Not to say that you need to have extremely perfect features like Jessica Alba, who born with a perfect proportion face ( totally fits the golden ratio of mankind lolll) but I personally think that it's a respect to groom yourself before stepping out of your house.

 To be honest, I am really really lazy and sometimes I really wish that I could just wake up and look fabulous. LOLL IM SERIOUS. Which leads me to do this 3D eyebrow embroidery thing ( eyebrow to me is one of the most important thing ever ) as the first step, and the next one......

Yes, Me and ma babe, Nana decided to go for a consultation with Dr Rachel @ Skin Art Clinic last month.

Skin Art Clinic
Solaris Dutamas, 
50480 Kuala Lumpur, Malaysia.

 Basically what Dr Rachel do is she will performed a careful clinical facial analysis and based on our needs and give the best beauty advices to help bring forward our natural radiance, in short, to enhance our natural beauty to even more natural beautiful. Best thing is, consultation is free!!!

Our main concern is ZE EYEBAGSSSS, okay mine was more on the dark eye circles and my tear trough. (No idea why do we pose so happily), so yea we just did what we have too. NOW WE IZ NO NEED SO MUCH CONCEALER LIAOOO!

Why Skin Art Clinic other than other aesthetic clinics, clearly there is a reason. 
Dr Rachel Chew is using her very own procedure called Urunique. It involves 3 stages:
Stage 1 - Resurfacing and stimulation.
Stage 2 - Volume restoration and muscle rebalancing.
 Stage 3 - Lifting
Urunique is not just another injection, peel, or filler treatment.  It is a fusion of advanced aesthetic techniques with artistry that delivers an effecive and beautifully natural result.  Urunique is an individualized total facial rejuvenation procedure that offers transformation results without the downtime associated with invasive surgical techniques.
 If you're interested, here's something you would want to note it down!!
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3. Once verified, a voucher code will send to your contact address.