Hi loves! I'm so sorry for not updating here, seems like I've been apologizing every time I update my blog :/ I've been updating on Dayre (cuz it's much more convenient) so do follow me there @janechuck for instant updates! Of course, I've been looking for a new semi-pro camera recently so I could blog more good qualities one here, any suggestions? 

Anyway, just get to check out a new rooftop bar, Tetto Rooftop @ Changkat. This place is really cool, all the walls are covered with graffiti, makes the whole place look really gangsta ( the urban gangsta gangsta not the pariah one loll ). Definitely a new hide out place! 

there's a rooftop above the rooftop loll, I mean there's a upper deck, didn't went up there cuz I was wearing skirt tho...

 Epic smile.

Damn nice graffiti walls, wonder if I can come here everyday for ootd shots lolllll.

 btw, thanks Hellorezza for the hipster art!!!

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