So many Tokyo "leftovers" in my drive so I decided do a photo post since I have no idea what to do with it. Looking at them make me miss Tokyo so much! I am so gonna go back there again next year, hopefully I can make it at the same Cherry Blossom season. If you're planning for a Tokyo trip, I strongly suggest to go on the Cherry Blossom season cuz it'll make your trip extra worthy and here's  why :
  1. The weather is just right, not too cold, but not warm. Big plus point for fashionistas who love to wear layering outfits, just in time to wear our favourtie biker jackets lol.
  2. Hanami Hanami Hanami!!!! Hanami experience is one of the best part of my Japan trip, you can read about it here.
  3. You'll get to see/eat seasonal items, Sakura burgers, coffee, sweets, etc.
  4. The streets will look extra beautiful with the cherry blossoms. Trust me, it's like what you seen in their anime scene.
  5. You might bump into Miranda Kerr lololl. ( Miranda Kerr was in Tokyo at the same time for some events, no I didn't bump into her but just that it's cool lololl.)
  6. Probably the whole world will be in Tokyo and your news feed will be flooded with Toyko pics and you don't want to feel left out. hahha.
Anyway, here's my Tokyo leftovers that I have no idea what to do with them (mostly don't blame me for making you hungry!)

Best Tsukemen ever, had them last year and decided to go back again!
 Okay I don't really know how to describe the place but I found it on Google Map lolololl so click here to find out where (underground restaurant) . It's near Birkenstock meiji-dori.
Tea-time at Sunday Jam Harajuku.

Super pricey Laudree cosmetics....... 

 We had snow crab near Ginza
Most pricey meal we had in Tokyo :/ but it's okay, thank god it's good lol.

My must go burger place in tokyo, The Great Burger!

Yakitori at Meguro!

Freshness Burger!

 While queing for Eggs & Things!

Heh, I just made myself hungry right now....