Hi guys! It's been awhile! If you realize, I've been collaborating with Libresse for years and still counting, and I'm here to talk a lil bit about my recent project with Libresse!

I'm now 22 and I bet most of you who reads my blog since the day I started are have no graduated from college. I remember blogging about school and things like that and now slowly, I'm an adult. It's like you know you are out of the whole teenager phase when you step into your first job interview.

I'm not sure about you but I remember I failed my first job interview and another few after that lolll. I didn't take it seriously. I didn't know there is so much to prep for job interviews and all I knew was to dress presentable loll. Apparently there's more to do and check before going to an interview. It's really important how you make the first impression to the company, either they buy it or they hate it.

Of course, you have to act differently when you interview for different types of job but having the cheerful and positive mindset is a big plus to most companies. I think no one wants to hire a sad person. Confidence is the point!

Anyway, if you have no idea why you failed your interviews, you can check out “Hello, Confidence” by Libresse. It's a site where you can learn how to prep for your job interviews. First things first, learn how to dress for your interview. You can also learn about hair and make-up tutorial by Cheeserland, and other helpful videos on this page.

You can also upload your outfit and get rated to see which is a go-go and which is a no-go.

Next, after you get your perfect outfit, there's some great tips for you before facing your first job interview.

So much to learn!!!

First you can check out their checklist to see what you need to prepare for your job interview. I think one of the most important things to have is a list of questions that you could ask about my job or the company. This leaves a good impression on yourself as you’ll look prepared and highly interested in the particular job. Also, you’ll get to understand the company more and consider further if it’s the right job for you.

You can also take a look at interview Do’s and Don’ts and try to avoid as many Don’ts as possible! Sometimes even the smallest thing can leave a very bad impression on yourself. For example, it’s always a must to be at the interview at least 10 minutes earlier. Being on time is fine, but being late even for 5 minutes is a no-no lolll you don’t want to give the interviewer the impression that you’re not a punctual person.

Do check out the FAQs for answers to common questions asked during interviews. For example, don’t most of us want to know if we should follow up on the interview cos that would make us look desperate? You can find out the answer here loll and remember to read the other FAQs too.

You can also learn how to rock your interview by keeping the conversation going. I think it's important to own the conversation and keep things hyped. It's really bad when your interview is boring and awkward. Which happened to me on my first interview when my anxiety kicked in and all I wanted was to do end the interview quickly :/

The part where I hated the most was when the interviewer asked “Tell me about yourself.. ”. My mind literally went blank cuz I have 0 confidence about myself. I have no idea what's good about me. I gave an awkward smile and it's a very bad closure for my interview. So if you're wondering how to react, go on to the site to see how people rocked their pitch about themselves. I basically think the key point is to sound confident but not full of yourself. Keep it real.

Don't forget to pitch your idea with Shine On too! Learn more about boosting your confidence and nailing your job interivew here :