I miss Shanghai. I realized that I have a thing for night scenery, especially city nights, where the city lights are on. I don't remember how beautiful Shanghai was back then when I first visited, prolly 10 years ago, and I'm so so so glad that I get to travel to Shanghai again.

I bet you guys already watched the Travel vlog I posted days ago (I don't know how to balance my time for recording and taking pictures but I tried my best), so here's some pictures taken during my Shanghai trip :

The first night in Shanghai, we had dinner at one of the Best French Cuisine in Shanghai, Mr & Mrs Bund. All thanks to Rachel from H&M for arranging this dinner, the restaurant place is so beautiful, facing the bund.

Tomato Salad. 

Beef Carpaccio Venise.

Duck Confit with Foie Gras & Ceps is the bomb.

Strawberry Triffle.
 Okay I looks like a fish bowl but it's actually very pretty in real! Just not photogenic enough lol.

Second day was all about Alexander Wang!
On our way to Hotel Penisula, the buildings around the bund are so beautiful. 

We (with medias from HK & Philippines ) had a 15 minutes talk with Alexander Wang about the collection. I'm so glad to meet him in person and I am totally amazed by his energetic character. 
If you want to read about the interview, click here

 On the same day, we had Yun Nan food for Lunch @ Lost Heaven. So much yummy in my tummy!

Finally, the night has come, came all the way from KL to Shanghai just for this one special night, for Alexander Wang X H&M party in Shanghai. Also heard this is the first time H&M celebrates their collaborations in Asia. I am more then glad to attend this event. AND I DIDN'T EVEN KNOW 2NE1 WAS GOING TO APPEAR until I saw my followers comments on my instagram. #successbaby.jpg

but first, let me take a selfie... (okay this song ada outdated.)

Oh! Random one. We had king crab before the event. So we literally smelled like crab after that lolollll. (inside joke)

Hat : H&M  
Leather Jacket : Zara
Dress : Joe Chia for Her
Shoes : Lonely Dream
Bag : Proenza Schouler PS11

I think I was busy taking videos, I did not have much pictures for the party...

Lucky us! We get to buy the collection at the pop up store they have, but only 5 pieces each :( Actually fair enough lah, people in KL started to queue 2 days before (and I know who started it HAHAHAHAHA)

Okay, I don't know how my hairband looks like, but there's people who thought I was wearing hijab. I am not pissed that they thought I was wearing hijab but I am pissed that why are these people being so stereotype about hijabs. Please put some respect.

Okay, end it with a selfie. heh. Good night!