It's going to be 2015 in few days and I've been thinking about how much I've done this year. Had a little conversation with the girls today and we talked about how much we had gone through, and I'm glad each of us is getting better.

I always have this little habit where everytime before I sleep, I tend to think about life, and then I'll write about stuff and post it in my wechat (sorry,my wechat is very personal lol) so things that I think it might inspire, I'll post it publicly. This is the recent one I posted on my facebook page :

This was inspired by a quote I read online, saying something like "People often think about their future, but the forget if they'll survive tomorrow." which hits me pretty hard. Like what usual parents say, or the society thinks, you have to do this this this, so you can have a better future. True, thinking about your future is a good thing but I often think that enjoying the moment is as important as the future. 

You can have all the future you want, but always give appreciation whenever you can, whenever you have the chance to, cuz the only thing you do not want to lose is the moment, the chance, the time you could have. 

I'm pretty glad that this year, I learn so much about not wasting time. I seen friends who hate their life so much but they are still the same old them one year ago, doing the same old routine. No offense, if you are comfortable with your life, go ahead, but if you are not and you are not doing anything to change, why are you complaining? Why are you not taking a step? You did? Why did you stop? Prolly you do not want it as much as you thought. I believe that if you ever have a dream, and if you believe in your dream, nothing is impossible. No one can help you if you are not even convinced with your dreams. Life is pretty much cruel like that.

  S T O P    W A S T I N G   T I M E    .

We are all growing up, give yourself sometime to think about what you want for life, what are you living as, a dreamer or a survivor? Always remember, what you bring into your grave are not the money but the memories you made. Live for dreams, don't die with it.

 Kick start 2015 with new hopes and dreams! Lets do it together!!!! LEGGOOO.