Oh my, it's almost end of January already and I was so busy since day uno of 2015! Every year I make a new year resolutions so when a new year comes, I'll see if I achieve any of it. It's funny how everyone does this new year resolution thing but I'm not sure if we really remind ourselves everyday. I certainly don't remember almost any of them so I am going to read it through and prolly see if I ticked the boxes.

As how I did it every year, this is my 2015 resolutions :

1. EARN more than whatever I'm earning last year. Not only in terms of money, also in terms of  achieving dreams!! I'm glad that I'm now not just a blogger/social media, I'm also a dj, barista & most of all, an entrepreneur. More projects to come and I'm getting more excited than ever! 

2. Blog more about inspirations. I want to inspire more people.

3. Taking work-out routines seriously, I want to look as fit and healthy as possible. I don't need to be skinny but I want to look healthy. 

4. Eat as healthy as possible, cut down those fatty food or sweet stuff.

5. Plans for #daphchuck music festival/concerts hunt! (Ed Sheeran is confirmed!

6. Read more books, I think this was on my 2014 resolutions, and I think I only finished less than 5 books in a year. #fail 

7. Learn how to cook/bake! I'll go for the simple ones like the ones on Pinterest lol.

8. Make more YouTube videos for my personal and GBGTV! Really appreciate that if you could subscribe both Janechuck & GBGTV , it helps motivates us to do more! 

9. TRAVEL TO MORE PLACES! I wanna break last years record. Hopefully. Like they said, always spend on traveling when you are young, life is too short to not see the world.


10. I really want to skydive. 


Okay the last one I'm not sure if I can do it but since I have no idea what I have in my mind anymore, sky diving just came into my mind lol. I can't take bungee jump but I think I can go for sky dive!

I think I'm prolly the last one making new year resolutions. If you haven please make one, it's fun so see how much you've achieve in a year. If you did, do share with me by dropping me your blogpost link into the comment link! I would love to read it!