I don't read a lot of books, but I love to read articles/quotes on the internet, and sometimes it hits me so hard, I could change my whole perspective of life. Or maybe it's not about the books or articles, it just happens when you reach different stages of life where you meet different types of people/things.

Here's one question that hit me hard, "WHAT ARE YOU?

For those who are lost, who have no idea what you're doing in life, trust me, I've been there. I'm not saying that I've already have a clear vision on what future I have but I guess I know what I want to be. I want to be a person with stories to tell. I am really glad that in these few years, I met so many different types of people and these people, like it or not, they give you thoughts about life. You either want to be like them or you don't want to be like them.

I want to become a person built with experiences and knowledge, which explains why I never stop learning. I imagined myself as a mom, I want to tell amazing stories to my kids. I wish when I talk to someone, people gain something from me. I don't want people to get jealous on what material I have, rather, I wish people get jealous on my experiences. Experiences are far more valuable than any material you can buy. The irony thing is, you might not need to spend a single penny for experiences.

Just go out there and talk to people. Go get inspired. Don't get jealous easily on what you see on the internet, in fact, go deeper, study about this person, is he still somebody you want to be? If yes, LEARN! Stop talking to people who make you feel bad about yourself, because you know that you don't deserve any negativity. You know that as long as you're breathing, you have all the chances to become someone better.

Be someone who has stories to tell.


I never once imagined myself being on magazine covers, and here I am, on one of the biggest female magazine in Malaysia, Nuyou April's Cover. Nuyou launched 3 covers for their April issue, I can't believe I am one of them. Along side with our very proud Asia's Next Top Model Winner, Sheena Liam and Celebrity/Actress/my goddess Jojo Goh. I am one lucky girl. SO GO BUYYYYY ALL COVERSSS!!!