I'm so happy that I made it to Shanghai at the last month of 2015. It was one of the best trip I had in 2015. Or should I say Shanghai is always great. I've been to Shanghai last two years ( 2014 was two years ago already?!?!) for the launch of Alexander Wang X H&M but this time, I went there for Hennessy Artistry Shanghai with my fav bunch of people aka Daphne, Ashley, Brian See and Cherrie, also from team MHD, Cherry, Terrence and Kevin.

Theres so many good stuff to share about this trip! We stayed at the World's Tallest Hotel, Park Hyatt Shanghai. The building itself was amazingggg, the lobby was located at the 87th floor, and breakfast place on the 92nd floor. FACING THE BEST VIEW OF SHANGHAI. 

Basically we had the best hotel, best food and the best party experience ever. We literally did dancing cardio at the clubs we went. Imagine us dancing to music from EDM to Hip Hop to Rap to R&B to Pop to.... almost every genre of music... It was crazyyyy! Especially Brian, he's world class lol.

Thanks to Hennessy,  we get to catch Rita Ora and get to interview her! She's really down to earth and her singing live as the highlight of the night! She even did a mash up of her song "Poison" and Drake's "Hotline Bling" which is super awesome. To be honest I didn't know who are the other singers are but I was really impressed with Lucky J, a group from Korea. Vocals are great and Jessi is really really hot tho. 

Next thing I wanna mention is that I'm so glad that we manage to go Hai Di Lao for supper ! It was totally my idea to add into our itinerary cuz I need to justify how good is it ever since my bf was raving about it the last time he came back from Shanghai. He was right. ITS SO GOOD especially having it on a cold weather. Oh and also a lil time for us to hunt for coffee, at this hidden coffee place called See Saw Cafe. Hipster,

Anyway, here's a photolog of pictures taken during my Shanghai Trip with Hennessy! 


Thank you Hennessy for the amazing trip! Can't wait for party trips!!!!