My september was amazingggggg. As most of you know, it was my birthday month. Being a Virgo isn't easy, it's like one of the top most hated horoscopes cuz Virgos are sort of pain in the ass? I'm just glad my friends still love me, and tbh, I would love to be a virgo in my next life, on September 16th to be exact, cuz I think I'm one lucky b*tch.

This year, my nanny Natalie decided to plan my birthday dinner, crazy as it seems, I don't know what she can't pull off anymore. We celebrated my birthday at one of my favourite japanese place, Nobu, with amazing venue, beautiful view and great food. Accompanied by my favourite people, whose play huge part of my life, Nanny, Daphne, Ashley, Leng Leng, Nana, Isabelle, Brian, Valerie. ( I've forgiven those who couldn't make it lollllll. love you guys, don't worry you guys are important too - Vivi, Liza ). 

It's amazing how eventho some of us don't often meet each but everytime we meet, there's never ending conversations, about how we much we grew up and how we used to be. It's just great to have people like them who share the same values of life. No matter what it is, or how bad a situation can be, we are always backing each other up, constantly reminding each other what's important. I just hope that we can still be like this in the next ten years. * heart and finger crossed *

Big shout out to Nobu, Hennessy, IKKI, LooneyBloons, ByThianFlorist,Urban Decay, NARS, Kiehl's, Kensapothecary, Diptyque, Marvis, ShaunTeoCreations for making everything happen! Big hugs and thank you!