I wonder how many people out there who tend to think they're too stupid to do so much for someone. I think it's pretty common to feel stupid / being used / taken for granted as people nowadays are becoming less appreciative and more calculative. Who to blame? The people around us? The society? The world? I wouldn't know.

I'm no saint but here's one thing that I know, NEVER FEEL SORRY FOR GIVING. 
Unless giving is your way of asking for something. No doubt we all have expectations towards people we care, and we'll get disappointed when things don't turn out the way you expected, but ask yourself, are you giving because you're asking for something? Or you're giving because you can?

When you are giving with your heart, because you can and you care, you are nothing less than greatness. Giving is an luxurious act and only the poor minded ones take it for granted. There's nothing stupid about giving, only stupid people who don't know how to appreciate. 

People make mistakes, getting used to kindness, taking things for granted, but it'll hit them when one day they realise they're missing out something. ( Coming from a person who been there done that. ) Maybe not right away, but it definitely will or even better, you might be the person who taught them to become a better person. Don't blame them for being selfish and unappreciative, because you do not need any negativity to bring you down. You need to learn how to outgrow them, and never turn yourself to be like them because they are stupid and you don't want to be stupid. Forgive them and move on.

Never ever blame yourself for doing good,
Never ever call yourself stupid for doing so.
Be proud of yourself for having a big heart to give and forgive.
Thank yourself.
Thank you for your existence, even if you think you're small and unimportant,
you're certainly important to the world, for spreading kindness from people like you. xx.