Back in June, Daphne and I went for a really spontaneous trip to the UK to catch Coldplay and we thought that since we're in UK, why not make a short trip to somewhere near (europe) ? We were torn between Amsterdam and Paris. But we end up choosing Paris cuz seems like two girls to Amsterdam might go wrong... Well, I've been to Paris two years ago with my current lover *blush* but I guess it'll be a total different feeling to travel with your best friend. Daph hasn't been to Europe, so it's kinda my role to make sure she enjoyed Paris. 

It's my second time to Paris, this time, we took Rail Europe from London which cost us about 150 Euros per person. I remember the last time I took a flight, almost the same price but I personally think that taking train is more convenient. I basically did all the booking cuz Im the best friend ever lolll. 

Anway here's a few tips on travelling with your bestfriend! 


I've saved tons of nice Airbnb stays in Paris and I think it's a great idea to stay like a Parisian. First of all, it's cheaper compared to most hotels, even better, you can find really unique stays. Due to fashion week, most of the nice ones were taken and some of the prices went higher. I'm glad we found one perfect stay! It's exactly like the pictures shown on Airbnb listing. We didn't get to meet our host Stephanie but she is kind enough to offer us a bottle of red wine as a welcome gift ( yes we gracefully accepted her gift lolll. ) One downside about Parisian flats is they mostly don't have lifts, only stairs, and we are on level 3, I'm glad that we only have our handcarries for 2 nights.

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We made it to most landmarks, it was super hot in the afternoon and tbh, we can do more pictures if I wasn't having migraines due to the heat. Anyway, Tip is, take photos in every landmarks, don't be shy, you're in the other side of the world with your best friend, and you know that photograph is the only matter to keep your memories. Take selfies together, pictures of each other, and of course, do it in a fashionable way. 

( trust me I have like 300 pictures of me walking back and forth in front of Tour Eiffel  lololll. )

Mommarte Hill's view. 

It's funny how we didn't have any french food during our trip except for some Pierre Hermé macarons but we certainly did go to some of the coolest cafes in Paris.

Address: 57 Rue Charlot, 75003 Paris, France
- I guess it's one of the cool kids hang out place

Address: 19 Rue Lucien Sampaix, 75010 Paris, France
- Famous for their pancakes! Go in the morning cuz they only serve pancakes before 12pm, I had it two years ago, sadly this time Daph didn't get to taste them :/

Address: 63 Rue Lepic, 75018 Paris, France
-  Italian, super big portion and it's good!

End up, Daphne wasn't a big fan of Paris cuz some of the Parisian we met were quite anal, but I guess we did had a great time. Met a nice woman who brought us to her fashion exhibition while taking UberPool, bump into our KL friends who are there for their fashion showcase, passed by Kanye's Pablo pop-up store and didn't buy shit cuz the line was massive and also made it to most of Paris' landmarks. 

I think it's really important to know who are you travelling with. It's great if you and your best friend have the same interest and both of you should be appreciative on the effort to travel together. Try to plan ahead on places to go, and make sure you both get to go places you both want to. Keep calm and have fun together!!

( photos are edited with VSCO P5 (level 7) temperature +1 . You're welcome. )