I have a confession, a confession about my obsession for the colour black. Or should I say, matte blacks. There's something about matte blacks that make things look extra sexy, classy sexy, don't you agree? I personally think that matte blacks give a feeling of coolness, edginess, and its goes well on almost everything. The unfinished texture of matte black items just give me weird satisfactions, I just can't find a word to describe it!

Anyway, I've own tons of matte black items, including not one but THREE luggages in matte blacks. Definitely make a statement for an Airport fashion look.



Also, one of the reasons of my love for NARS cosmetic products, their matte black packaging. I have almost everything, lipsticks, bronzer, eyeshadows.... I mean how can someone resists?


My favourite pair of sunglasses is in matte black too! It goes well with anything! Makes any look extra cooler. I'm already planning to get another matte black sunnies in a different frame.


Not forgetting the headsets I use for my DJ gigs are in matte black. I can still remember when I saw it in a record shop, I just have to bring it home. It's too pretty to just sit on the shelf lol. Like what I just said, these headsets are the best to match my outfit, no matte what gig I'm playing on, fashion or parties, it never goes wrong!


I do wish I'll drive a matte black G-wagon someday...


Speaking about matte blacks, OPPO R9s has launched black version and it's getting a lot of attention! It might not be the first black phone, but it certainly is a good quality and affordable one.


If you haven’t heard about the OPPO R9s, it comes in a 5.5" wide screen, featuring a 16MP front and Rear Camera. Also, a really long lasting battery life of 3010mAh. These are some of the pictures that I took with it.

C:\Users\Samantha Keo\Downloads\IMG20170427152024.jpg
Using Double Exposure

C:\Users\Samantha Keo\Downloads\IMG20170427151839.jpg      C:\Users\Samantha Keo\Downloads\IMG20170427151649.jpg
Using Manual with HDR