Am I too late to discover the amazing-ness of Visa payWave, like finally ?

To be honest, I hate using cash most of the time. Here’s WHY :

1. I like to change my bags according to my outfit and most of my bags are small ( small bags are on trend! ). Hence, I ditched my bulky wallet two years ago and replaced it with a cardholder to fit whatever I can fit to ease my bag changing process. My cardholder can literally fit my ic, driving license, credit cards, debit cards, and maybe max RM300 cash ( 6 X RM50 ). I still prefer not using cash because I’ll end up getting coins and smaller note that can’t fit in. I’ll probably end up losing some notes and the annoying coins will be everywhere in my bag.

Me VS Small bags.

2. I don’t like the pressure of counting notes. I know that no one is rushing me but I feel under pressure when it comes to paying most of the time .I feel it even more when there’s people waiting behind me especially my notes is everywhere in my bag. Lucky me, if I get to pay the exact amount, or else I feel the pressure again while keeping the change ( threw them into my bag most of the time ) and pick up my stuff and quickly leave. I’m not sure if it’s normal to have this kind of pressure, I wonder if there is a name for my disorder .

3. I don’t like how I can’t track my spendings using cash. Yes, that is why people invented receipts but I tend to lose them. It’s a weird behaviour that I tend to spend more when I have cash, I spend it on random things, most of them were unnecessary. When it comes to using cards, I often tell myself I spent a lot, so end up I spend more wisely when I’m cashless.

I use credit and debit cards a lot, until I discovered Visa payWave that can totally overcome my weird disorder. Basically we just have to simply wave our Visa payWave card for payments below RM250 without the need to key in PIN. Of course, we can still make purchases above RM250 with cards, but we would need to key in PIN. I find it really convenient for me, I use it to buy coffee, pay my groceries, and it never fails me.

Honestly I didn’t dare to use it until one day, when I was buying Starbucks, cashless and I was prepared to use my card to pay. The counter guy asked me if I would like use payWave since my card has it. I was like “ Sure, why not.”. I’ve never use it before and it wouldn’t be awkward if it doesn’t work on him loll. So he wave it for me and I just paid my coffee in less than 3 seconds.

Totally accepting technology. I’m totally buying the whole Visa payWave idea.
To those who have not try it yet, do start ‘payWaving’ and trust me, there’s an odd satisfaction I couldn’t explain.

More info about Visa payWave :