It's been a year since the last time I've been to Seoul. I'm so grateful to be back in Seoul again for Michael Kors FW'17 presentation. I've seen the collection online when it was shown in New York. The fall winter collection is very sexy yet strong, a lots of fur, leather, something that I would like wear. Looking at the pieces on the presentation was so satisfying. Huge thank you to Team Michael Kors for hosting me! 

Here's some of the photo taken during my trip : 

I just realised most of the photos is me drinking things. LOL. 

Anyway, here's some of the places I've been during my trip 
(some may not be in the photos and some I couldn't find it in google 😨 ) :

5 Brewing Coffee
- 마포ꡬ μ–΄μšΈλ§ˆλ‹Ήλ‘œ 55-12 Seogyo-dong ( idk why the address is in korean. )
Love the vibes here, with raw, unfinished furnitures. Good coffee too! 

Maple Tree House
- 26 Itaewon-ro 27ga-gil, Itaewon-dong, Yongsan-gu, Seoul, South Korea
I guess it's pretty famous. Not bad at all.

Dawoori Seolleung Tang
- μ„œμšΈνŠΉλ³„μ‹œ 마포ꡬ μƒμˆ˜λ™ 337-6 ( 337-6 Sangsu-dong, Mapo-gu, Seoul )
It's a really shop but the SEOL LEUNG TANG ( beef bone soup ) is LEGIT.

Isaac Toast Hongik University
- Mapo-gu, Seogyo-dong, Wausan-ro, 93
There's a rave about this toast, went to try, didn't think it's that special but heard that it's super good if you eat it in cold weather.

Mr Holmes Bakehouse Seoul
- Seoul, Gangnam-gu, Apgujeong-ro 10-gil, 34
A famous bakehouse from San Fransisco, famous for their cruffin. It's really good!

743-1, Hannam-dong, Yongsan-gu Seoul.
Jack brought us here, apparently this guy opened this restaurant using his mother's home cook recipe. Traditional Korean in a hip place. 

Madholic Hip-hop club
Seoul, Mapo-gu, Seokyo-Dong 405-15
Underground hiphop/rnb club. Dope. 

ν™λŒ€ λ”κ·€μ—¬μ›Œ μ• κ²¬μΉ΄νŽ˜ ( the dog cafe I went )
couldn't find the address, but I found their facebook 
All you need is to buy a drink as entrance fee.

- seogyo-dong 405-18
Okay, I don't have the picture of the place but it's like a 2-3 stories building and it looks like a bar instead. People mostly go at night I guess, we had it before clubbing. Basically you can see people ordering mini hot pots, that must be it.
THE CLAM SOUP IS MADNESS. Look how big is it. 

Guess that's it! Hope it helps you on your trip to seoul in the future!