I'm so happy that I make it to Paris this year, this time round with OMEGA to celebrate the launch of OMEGA "Her Time" Exhibition. Lucky me. I was so so so happy and excited because it was PFW and literally all my fav instagrammers/bloggers around the world were in Paris. 

It was a totally different experience to travel to Paris during fashion week. It's very interesting to actually see how people dress up for fashion week, some were really good, and some were just extra lol. Rue Saint-HonorĂ© stretch were filled with fashionable people all over the world. Colette was like the pit stop. Everyone was like "got to make the last visit before it shuts down in dec."

I am very grateful to have OMEGA to host my very first PFW experience. I got to stay at one of the best hotels, Mandarin Oriental ( located right inside Rue Saint-HonorĂ©, where all the shopping is. ), had dinner on a yacht for welcome dinner that went around Paris, walked on a mini red carpet, got 84990102 photographs taking pictures of me on the photowall ( big thank you to Louis Vuitton for dressing me top to toe ). Thinking about it makes me feel like it was a dream. 

Here's a few fun facts about OMEGA Women and Timepieces :
1. In early days, OMEGA produces "secret jewerly watches" where they make timepieces looked like jewerly with hidden watch, to accommodate some circle who considers woman rude to look at her wrist watch ( they think it's a sign of boredom. )

2. Cindy Crawford is the first OMEGA women ambassador and she is still since 1995. 22 Years!

3. Cindy's son & daughter, Kaia Gerber & Presley Gerber are officially the newest ambassadors for OMEGA.  

#familygoals much.

leftover photos : 

Thank you, OMEGA.