Christmas is around the corner..
Are you looking for a perfect gift to that special someone (or yourself) this festive season?
I have an idea and this blog post is dedicated for it -

What about something from Daniel Wellington?

And here's the reason why :

1. THE DESIGNS are simple yet elegant, matches all kinds of style.
No matter if it's a casual outfit or dolling up in dresses, there's always a design for someone.
left : Classic Petite Melrose in 32mm , right : Classic Petite Bondi in 32mm
This is how I would pair my DW watches. 
Tbh, if I switch the watches, the outfits will still look great. 

No brainer gift as they have special gift sets or you can curate your own bundle!
Best thing of all, you save time on gift wrapping because it's already pretty enough. 
Maybe just put a little effort on hand written cards. 

Classic Petite Melrose 28mm + Bracelet S

Daniel Wellington watches are pretty affordable for a branded watch brand. They look good, feel good and the offers are always good. Gift sets ranges from RM774 to RM1088 and they are now all having 10% off! 

Now tell me, who's that lucky one?