--> I still think that 2012 is a year full of challenge for me.I used to be a very “chicken” person, as in I'm afraid of trying new things but this year, I started stepping out from the safe box and challenged myself. Maybe when people start getting older, they tend to try new things to spice up their life.lollll Eventhou I'm not close to old but still, I became braver to face new challenges.

Few memorable challenge in 2012 :
#1 The sushi challenge
The boyfie challenged me to eat sushi cuz he was teasing me that I don't deserve to go japan cuz I don't eat sushi. To prove him wrong, I took the challenge. I tried tamago mentai sushi and I'm actually kinda addicted to it now. CAN I GO JAPAN NOWWWW?

#2 Hair Challenge.
Blogged so much about my hair this year, the recent hair challenge will be cutting of my long fringe.After 2 years!!I finally decided to get rid of it.I'm really afraid that what if I look ugly in bangs but I got quite good feedbacks after I got my bangs, thou some of you still prefer me with middle parting, don't worry, it'll comeback someday.hahaha

I still can't believe that I really did it. Honestly, I really thought of staying home after I got the confirmation email cuz I was really afraid that I couldn't survive that 3 days. I'm glad that I didn't make the wrong decision.

I'm a super duper anti social person but I told myself that when I get into the bootcamp, I must make the first move. I failed at first, I'm shy, I'm awkward, I'm afraid of rejection. But slowly, I start talking to other girls, I made friends. I told myself that everyone is the same, there's a part of shy and awkwardness, but if they can do it why can't I. Challenge!!

So, after I came back from Kotex® Bootcamp, I started to make some changes to the way I see things in life. I become more confident than the usual me. Even though I feel awkward in the first place, but I have to start somewhere somehow. I should be proud to be selected as one of the finalist and I MUST share whatever I have learned in Cherating to all my babes and friends out there – so that we can all be a confident women in everything we do. Don’t be afraid to try something new and have a positive mind. That should be a driver in moving forward! Hmmm, a burner to my 2013 resolution..

Another thing that I salute Kotex® - their range of feminine care; from sanitary pads to pantyliners are really comfortable. Use ‘them’ daily, then, you will see and feel the difference!. I have tried, and they are my best BFF that understand my body well. Thanks Kotex®. You guys should try too, you know. 

I think if Kotex® is organizing similar contest like this again, I am so gonna push my lil sister to join. Or any of you missed the last one, do check out their FB. Search for iknowmovement for more upcoming contest from Kotex® :D It's really worth joining and best thing is they made everyone a winner. Made me love Kotex even more thou I'm already a fan of their pads and pantyliners.hahaha.THANK YOU KOTEX®!!