December update again, or should I say outdated post.If you follow my instagram/twitter/fb, not sure whether you remember that I went to a pool party.It was Lapsap 5th Anniversary Pool Party @ Zebra Square and it's one of the most awesome pool party I ever attend to.I'm not sure when is the last pool party I attend..prolly someone's birthday when I was 8 or something.lolllll Other than that it's only pool side party where we only chill or bbq beside the pool.Idk everyone is afraid of getting wet when they grow up. Including me. Scare later make up smudge, scare handphones get wet...

When I know that I'm on for Lapsap's pool party...I DECIDED TO LIQUIPEL MY PHONE just incase anything happens to my phone.Smart ehh.Else how am I gonna take nice pictures since I'm not bringing my camera :P

Okay...actually I didn't take many pictures also cuz I was busy shooting people. lollllll WE ARE ALL WET. Thou we didn't get dunk into the pool but we had water war, some of them even use a big buckets to splash water on people.I kena few times and guess what... I had my phone in my pocket. I almost died when I realize about it but luckily it's Liquipeled else I'll be crying...


So this pool party also become my Liquipel experiment.lollll.I know right, I'm so daring to put my phone in risk. BUT THIS MEANS LIQUIPEL REALLY WORKS LAH. For those who don't know what's Liquipel yet, Y SO OUTDATED? Hahahhahaha no offence I'm just joking. I just know about it not long ago :/ so....lemme introduce you what's Liquipel.

To those that have not heard of it, Liquipel is a revolutionary technology founded in USA and has won a Silver Award at the Edison Award 2012. Liquipel is in USA, Australia, Hong Kong and finally for the first ever in Malaysia. So be the first to get your device Liquipeled!

“Liquipel technology is a process that involves applying a layer of nano-coating

to electronic devices, protecting them in the event of accidental exposure to

liquids. This coating service is not limited to smartphones, but any other device

that can fit into the patented Liquipel machine...”

Basically you can't feel or can't see any difference after liquidpel-ing your phone (you might even thought that you kena con) but of course after that your phone with liquidpel coat will be WATERSAFE. So right I also don't know how to show you that how my phone look like after liquidpel....lolllllllll

This is my phone getting tested after liquipel. Look at the water drops, without liquipel it will splat all over but after liquipelit'll be in ball shape.

Can read more info here.

If you're interested to Liquipel your phone, just bring your device to the Liquipel service centre at Hicom Glenmarie Industrial Park or to any

one of its partner outlets Low Yat Plaza, Kepong Jusco,OscarWangsa Maju and Oscar Rawang.

Prices start from RM189 for smartphones and RM239 for tablets.

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For more info on Liquipel, call 03 5567 9928 or visit

Also, please *LIKE* their facebook page for updates or promotions.