It's 3.30am right now and I'm suppose to sleep but I'm gonna do a short one here cuz THERE ARE TOO MANY THINGS TO UPDATE ABOUT MY DECEMBER BUT IT'S ALREADY 2013. How can time past so fast ha???

Can't believe this is gonna be the first post of 2013, I should be blogging about my 2013 resolutions and things like that.. guess I'll do it tomorrow.Short update first!!Today was Jacklyn's wedding dinner @ Jaya Palace!! Jacsafterparty has now become Jacsjustgotmarried lolll!!I'm just so happy for her *tears of joy*
Cutest Bride ever!!!

It was her bridal shower last week ♥ ♥ ♥

I know many of you wondering where did I get my outift from...
Most of you got cheated by my new pink shiny collar from Diva.The theme of the day is Pink and White, I don't have a pink dress so I decided to pair my NakedKimchi top with some pink accessories from Diva.

 Thanks to Diva for all these pretty accessories!!

It's true that sometimes it's the accessories that complete the look.I love how they have different ranges of accessories, from glamour to rock n' roll, so everytime I have nothing to new to wear, I just pair my old clothes with some new accessories and tadaaaa magic!!

Btw,Diva is now under Fashion Fast Forward!!!! GOOD NEWS TO ALL F3 MEMBERS cuz we can now collect points and have 10% discount on every normal priced items!!!Fyi,Other brands under F3 are Topshop, Miss Selfridge, and Dorothy Perkins if you're wondering. For more info you can go to  ♥

 Okay, CNY is coming so means we can shop more now.lollllll #girlsbeinggirls