Just came back from Jacklyn's bridal shower and she got the new Samsung Galaxy Camera that everyone is raving about!!!

ME WANT!!!!!!!

Damn nice right!!!If you have no idea what is this whole Samsung Galaxy Camera thing then you must be KIDDING ME!!!! How can you not know about it!!!! It's the first Android-based camera with 3G.Means you can take pictures, edit, upload on to FB/Youtube/Instagram etc ALSO, send messages, whatsapp... too many things can do with this I lazy to type out.lolll

When I first know about this I was like...

Good news is Celcom launched this Samsung Galaxy Camera so now everyone can enjoy 1.5GB of data with speeds of up to 1.5Mbps at only RM48/month with Celcom First Data Lite!!!! Plus you will get to enjoy the Samsung Galaxy Camera from as low as RM1,499 (RRP:RM1,899), with the advantages of Celcom First. MEANS YOU SAVED RM400 FOR THIS AWESOME INVENTION!! Courtesy of Celcom :D

So if you're planning to get one you can consider getting from Celcom 
1.  Celcom has the widest network coverage anywhere in Malaysia
2.  Celcom offers the best network quality, be it messaging, voice calls, videocalling, surfing, email, etc.
3. Celcom gives you the richest web and video streaming experience with its stable connection.
4. YOU CAN SAVE RM400 !!!!

More info here