I just realize that I'm turning 21 in just few days when the new year comes.Not officially 21 till my birthday next September but I'll be answering that I'm 21 when people start asking.Noooooooooo.Can't believe that I left high school for 3 years already!!!!Even my sister is studying in college now :/ I know some of you started reading my blog since I was still studying in high school and I think we're prolly around the same age?

I'm really glad that you are still reading my blog and supporting me since then.I bet you watched me go through quite a lot of things huh, like me going to college and stopped, eyebrows getting thicker (loll), short hair to long hair to colorful hair to bangs and some of the most memorable, most proud moment like buying myself a car when I was only 19 .

I know that it's not easy to buy a car when you're young.But it's also very mafan if you don't have a car.Go college go work go yumcha go anywhere anytime, especially people like me who don't like to be troublesome.The reasons that why I have to get a car back then.

I think some of you are struggling with the same problem too and need some advice on getting the right car.Same to my sister who is considering on getting the right car.

#1 First or secondhand?
I remember that I considered buying a secondhand car while calculating my budget.There are really good deals but I'm really afraid that what if there's problems with the car.What if I'm so unlucky and meet a dodgy dealer.I prolly have to spend more on repairing than driving :/

#2 Budget.
Nowadays new car doesnt necessarily mean expensive.Some cars in the market today start from as little as RM38,361 and come with roomy, comfortable interiors, up-to-date technology and many other driver-friendly features once only available on much more expensive models.Example, The Saga FLX.
The Saga FLX, featuring leather finishing,* class-leading cabin space and Lotus-engineered ride and handling is a good case in point.

Okay, other than the budget we still need to calculate the HIDDEN costs.Petrol, engine oil for maintenance, prolly have to change tyres every two years for safety...etc..The biggest cost prolly goes to road tax and insurance but Saga FLX 1.3 or FLX SE 1.6. offers up to RM2,000 rebate or zero servicing charges for a year and also zero road tax for 2 years or zero licence renewal fee for 5 if you're interested.

Once you have your choices, it’s really important to take a test drive.Never try never know that if the car is suitable for you.Does your selection features ABS, EBD and airbags as standard? Does it
boast 413 litres of boot space and CVT for silky smooth gearshifts like the Saga FLX??Using the Saga FLX as example since it features almost everything and it's still affordable.

#4 Bring it home.
After calculating the budget, test driving and satisfied with everything, it's time to bring the baby home!!!

I think that's it!Hopefully this can help you on getting you first car!!!