Howdyyyyy!!!How's ya Christmas? My Christmas was actually nothing much special, it's like another Sunday to me, I even thought today is Sunday.lolll.Kinda regret that I didn't plan on how to spend my Christmas, I was just worried on how am I going to spend Christmas eve..Big mistake!!Hopefully next year I will plan something for my Christmas.

Honestly my Christmas eve plan came quite last minute, we decided to go with ma babe Natsaw's plan which is having a nice dinner with the bunch @House, Cineleisure. Each of us have to prepare a gift that worth RM30 for gift exchange session, anyone who forgot about it have to pay for the dinner.lolll.Of course, no one afford to forget about the gift :P

 Little gift area

We totally have no idea on what are we eating that night, Natsaw planned everything for us *so sweet* and here's what we had...
 Gigantic Turkey of the night. IT'S MY FIRST TIME EATING A TURKEY and it taste like...chicken.lollllll.

 ONE WHOLE LOAF OF HAM. 12 of us only ate 6 pieces. Too much!!! But we packed the rest :P

 House Special Coolers and Smooties. 

Yummy wedges.

 Boyfie Asked him to wear something Christmassy...he forgotten..shit him :(

The Laus. Baby Ashley's hair so blond it's blending into the background.loll

 Edmund Papa and Isabelle Mama.

 Duo Gigs!! Cherrie's hairband so cute..we should have all gotten one to look more Xmas!

 My crazy bitch Natsaw!!!! LOVE HER MAXXXX!! thanks for planning everything so well!hehe

TIME FOR GIFT EXCHANGE. This time we do it by picking names.Anyone who got their own names have to pay an extra RM30 for the dinner and then repick the names until no one gets their own name.Lucky me..I got my own name on the second round :/ WHO THE HELL GAVE THAT IDEA!!! Luckily we stopped on the 3rd round, everyone got different names and here is it :

 Boyfie got mine. So nice got candies and stuff.But he gave it to me after that lolll.

 Nicklaus got Natsaw's Maggots chocolate..

 Natsaw got Evangeline's.

 Nixon got Miao's box of yummy stuff.

 Cherrie got Ashley's.

So boring right all got Chocolates. Lee J is one of the luckiest, he got chinese herbal stuff.LOLLLLLLLL from Isabellemama

Edmund Papa got Lee J's. SWAGGYYY.

Isabellemama got ring set from Keat.

 Keat actually got Hello Kitty from Kim and Ashley supposed to get that set of sex stuff from Nicklaus.. she exchanged cuz so geli.LOLLL


 Kim got some jeep thing from Edmundpapa

 Evangeline got Cherrie's Nekomimi set and Idk what's that snowman is...Chocolate I think.

I got Nixon's bowl of roses...I was like dafuqqqqq..HAHAAHAHA who does that??

Girls group shot before we head to the next round!!

H&M Knitwear, Gold Pants, NakedKimchi boots.

Before ending my post, here's my Xmas pressies I got this year!
Agnes B bracelet from the Boyfieeeee  

 Marc by Marc Jacob earrings from the Baby sis Ashley  

I IZ HAPPY GIRL!!!! I actually spend alot on Xmas presents too :/ Xmas is such an excuse to shop.lollll

Btw, We went to LahLahLand's Be Hatppy Xmas Party after that dinner!Will blog about it soon so stay tuned!!!