Just a quick update before I crash.

Partied at Heineken Red & Green Celebration - TOKYO @ Sky Bar on Thursday night.Heineken knows that I can't make it to Tokyo this year, so they brought Tokyo to KL before the world ends.Lolll just kidding.But doing it the Tokyo style can go no wrong!

I wonder if you know How they live in Tokyo..If you seen it then you mean it Then you know you have to go. Fast and furious...Tick, tick, tick... (Terriyaki Boyz - Tokyo Drift )

Free flow yo, so DRINK ALL THE HEINEKEN! 

Brought the boyfie along but unfortunately we were late so free flow ended after we reached not long :/

Sissy love.

My girlzzzzzzzzzzzz

Nanako ~

Random shot.

 Lip color commercial can.lolll Red Peach or Pink ??

Duo Gigs

Lastly,  OOTN - Not a good outfit shot :////
Azorias top, Purple Topsop Leigh Jeans, Mbmj bangle and bag, NakedKimchi Loafers